5 Signs You’re In a Relationship With Someone Who Doesn’t Like Dogs

Are you in a relationship with somebody who doesn't like dogs? Not sure? If your partner fits any of these signs, you might be.

It’s a fact that dogs are the best judge of character. And if your dog doesn’t like your partner, it’s not a great sign. But even worse, what if your partner doesn’t like your dog? I know it’s impossible to imagine, but believe it or not, there are actually people out there who don’t like dogs. Here are five signs that you’re in a relationship with one of them.

1. They don’t want to share the bed with your dog


Sure it can get a little squishy at times with two grown adults and a dog in the bed (especially if you have a large breed), but your partner needs to understand that your dog is family, and you don’t make family sleep on the floor. If they don’t get that, they probably just don’t like dogs.

2. They get frustrated when you stop to pet every dog on the street


“I understand that we’re already late for our dinner reservation, but this dog is just sitting there, and he’s just so cute.” Sound familiar? If you’re constantly pausing on the street to pet the dogs you pass, and your partner is always standing on the sidelines waiting on you, they might not like dogs.

3. They don’t care about the dog pictures and videos you send


It’s one thing if a few messages go by without a reply, but if your partner is constantly ghosting the totally adorable and hilarious YouTube links, Instagram tags, and Snapchats you’re sending of all the cute dogs you see, it might just be that they don’t care. Which could only mean one thing – they just don’t like dogs.

4. They’re jealous of your relationship with your dog


Your partner is important, but they need to understand that your bond with your dog is just special. If they don’t get that, and get jealous of your relationship with your dog, it might mean they don’t like dogs.

5. When you talk about future plans, they don’t include dogs


When you think about your future, it probably includes a dog or a few. But the same might not be true for your partner. If you’re talking about the future and your partner’s plans don’t include a dog, they probably don’t like dogs. And at this point, you should probably just run.


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