5 Cities That Let Dogs In Bars

A dog with a pint of beer in a bar

Want to bring your pup to a pub? Here are five cities with dog-friendly bars.

A woman and her dog in a cafe

If life were perfect, you could hit a wine bar with a Weimaraner, a pub with a poodle, and finish off the night in a dive bar with a Dachshund. This is the dream! Most North American bars have strict rules against bringing your pup into a bar, but (as with many things) the Europeans are far more open-minded about it. Here are five great cities where you can drink with your dog:

A dog bar water fountain in Paris


Bonjour! Paris conjures up images of perfectly manicured women sitting in cafes with little dogs, and that extends to many bars, too. Oddly enough, dogs aren’t allowed in many green spaces in the city. There are designated dog parks, so you’re not completely at a loss when you need to let your dog run for a while, but most bars, restaurants, and cafes are available when your dog is feeling a little less flanneûr and wants to stay put and watch you enjoy a glass or two of wine.


Amsterdam is known as one of the most dog-friendly places on the planet. Anywhere you go, you’re liable to see bicycles and happy pups out and about. They’re allowed on public transportation, into many businesses, and welcome at the vast majority of bars. This is an ideal destination for traveling with your pooch.

Dog on the floor of a bar


Italy may not be quite as dog-enthused as some of the other spaces here, but you can definitely grab a glass of vino with your favorite pooch. And hey, you can also stride into a ristorante and recreate the iconic spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp while you’re at it, if you’re into that kind of thing.


All of Hungary is into dogs, but the focus on Budapest in particular is owing to their substantial assortment of bars. Not only can you take a dog out for a drink, but you can be choosy about it, too. Plus, a pub crawl kind of counts as a walk!

A woman sharing a cocktail with her dog


As with Hungary, Germany is also fairly broadly open to dogs in bars and other businesses. Why did we choose Berlin? It’s just a great city with a lot of culture, especially around its nightlife. Why not share that with the dog you love?

While we chose to focus on Europe, there are lots of establishments in North America (and elsewhere) with exceptions to the rule or business owners willing to look the other way when a well-behaved dog shows up on the patio. If you’re looking for an entire city with a lax view of dogs in bars, Europe is the place to be.

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