4 Things My Dog Taught Me About Myself

Who knew dogs could provide us humans with so much wisdom?

One of the most fun things about having a dog is learning about their personality throughout the years. The longer you’re together, the stronger your bond. I’ve learned a lot about my dog over five years, especially his quirks. Dogs can also teach us about ourselves.

Here’s what I learned:

1. I work too much.

All work and no play is never a good thing. I became so stressed that I was beginning to feel like my pet was a burden instead of a pleasure. That’s when I realized, I needed to take a step back.  If your dog paws at you or looks at you for attention, take note. Your pooch is trying to show you better ways to spend your time.

2. I love exploring.

Without my pooch, my feet would never have made it over so many hiking trails. He’s taught me how  much I love wandering outside to find new sights and sounds – even if it means getting a little lost.

3. I need to relax more.

My dog was  a cuddler. He would bark for me to come to bed because he loved his snuggles. I did, too. And while we were both very energetic, Hugo always knew when it was time to wind down and call it a day. He taught me how to relax when I don’t think I have time to.

4. I should never give up.

One of the lessons I learned from my pooch is to never stop trying. I mean, how many times has it taken him to nail a special trick or command? My dog never gave up. He always found that ball, fetched that stick, and begged for that food off my plate. I used to think it was annoying, but now I realize his persistence is the kind of thing I need to get what I want.

Who knew dogs could provide us humans with so much wisdom?

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