20 Pictures of Dogs Contemplating Bath Time

There are a few things that can make a tough work day tolerable. If you're having that kind of day and you need a quick pick me up, check out these photos of dogs contemplating bath time.

They’re adorable wet. They are silly wet. And, they’re downright pathetic wet. Need I get wordy on all the reasons you need more pics of puppy bath time in your life? Let’s just enjoy.

Here’s a quick fix for your day. If these dogs contemplating bath time don’t make you smile or, melt your heart – well, you’re made of stone.

1. Umm…Mum, our hairsth is already messthed. Do we really need these thshower capths?

Galmour girls getting a fancy dog bath in shower caps

2. Is rubber ducky really the one? Or, am I the one?

Dog in bath with rubber ducky

3. How is this human confused as to where my moufhole is?

Boxer gets a bath but wants to drink all the water instead

4. I’m just a purdy girl in the bath with her mini-me.

Adorable rescue dog taking a bath with her princess pal

5. This is disgracethful!

Shih Tzu doesn't like taking a bath

6. Don’t they know you’re not supposed to get us wet or feed us after midnight?!

brussels griffon and affenpinscher in bath look like gremlins

7. Does every fur-son really love a good bubble baff? I fink not.

Poodle puppy loving a bubble bath

8. You can decorate it all you want but this still sucks.

border collie takes a trippy bath

9. Okay. Go ahead. Decorate. Ghetto baths are even worse.

dog gets bath in baby pool puts up with it

10. If I mope hard, maybe she’ll let me out.

bully is sad about his bath

11. Look at me! Do I deserve this?

dog begging with its eyes to be done with her bath

12. I thought you said you “rescued” me????

dashalier hating his bath

13. Thanks, Dad. But, I don’t have even the slightest bit more dignity with this faux hawk.

tibetan terrier gets a mowhawk in bath

14. Thseriously though?! Towel, pleasth.

Yorkshire terrier all wet in the bath

15. Not even kidding, Human. I’m over this AF.

border collie shoots shade at bathtime

16. I’m a fuzzy dish!

Pommeranian gets a sink bath

17. I’m not a dish. I’m a dog-fing!

baby japanese chin in a sink bath

18. Hey! Heyyyyyy! Ugh, get us out!

Three maltese dogs happy in bath

19. I gotchya kid.

english bull terrier and chihuahua love a bath together

20. Waters!! Showers! Baffs!

lab loving shower bath





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