20 Owners On What Personality Traits They Share With Their Dog

Do you ever just look over at your dog and think "it's like we share a hive mind" or "we are exactly the same"?

We’re not sure if people tend to choose dogs with personalities that are complimentary to their own, or if over time people and their pets just slowly begin to become one another. Either way, we wanted to know…what personality traits do people share with their dogs?

1. “Dozer and I are both sassy AF with attitudes. Also, aloof to new humans.” – Chloe

2. “Shaggy and I equally adore afternoon naps. We even get grumpy if we don’t get enough sleep.” – Avery

3. “Ben and I both like a good ‘ole scream to release the day’s frustrations.” – Madi

4. “We both like late night eating” – Carley

5. “Harley James and I love to snuggle and stretch. He often joins me on my yoga mat… usually in child’s pose” Morgan


6. “George and I love cottaging and camping. I suppose our shared personality is ‘outdoorsy’” – Cait

7. “We’re clearly all needy and love to nap together” – Nicole

8. “Lincoln and I are cuddling machines 😍 We looooooove our full body cuddles! He stands over top me until I lay down and then he slams his whole body down on top of mine” – Jacob

9. “Dobby and I are both anxiety ridden hyper active beings! That said, we both went to the doctor (me to the clinic, and him to the vet) on the same day for two different things and where even prescribed the same medication! We have too much in common…” – Kristen

10. “Me and my pups are beach bums.” – Juju

11. “Paisley likes to write too!” – Sica

12. “We both have the same sense of humor.” – Quinn

13. “Reese and I hate on the same people/dogs. That’s what besties do, right?” – Amanda

14. “Jasmine and I love Netflix and relaxing!” – Tamoy

15. “Lee Lee (MK Mulberry) may be a track school flunk out but he loves to run! He happily trots along side our two legger on her training runs, and has achieved what many greys can’t (and shouldn’t) of running upwards of 10K. He’ll be running in the upcoming Toronto Waterfront 10K on Saturday, June 25.” – Teddy

16. “Clove and I love staring out into large bodies of water, silent people watching, walking through forests. Basically, being quiet outside is our M.O.” – Hannah

17. “Truffles and I are very wary of change.” – Amanda

18. “Georgette and I are the exact same: dramatic and snuggly” – Raynbow

19. “Shady and I are basically the same stubborn, moody, fierce and complicated creature. I rarely have to use my voice to talk to him: locking eyes with him, we read each other almost telepathically. He doesn’t suffer fools but at the same time has seemingly infinite patience with little ones.” – Lex

20. “Both Norbert and I love car rides.” – Sierra

Thanks to all the amazing members of Bunz Pet Zone for submitting their photos and quotes!
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