20 Of The Top Rated Doggos From The Only Twitter That Matters

The concept of WeRateDogs is simple: you send in photos of your dog, and WeRateDogs gives them a score out of 10, and adds a hilarious caption. The result? The funniest Twitter in the history of Twitters.

WeRateDogs (@dog_rates on twitter) is the Twitter account that fills a gaping hole in all our lives that we didn’t even realize was there until now. Even if you “hate twitter”, even if you don’t understand Twitter, and even your grandma who has no idea what Twitter is, will love this account (okay maybe not your grandma, but likely your parents).¬†Matt Nelson started the account in November of 2015, and by December had over 98,600¬†followers, quickly growing to 326,000 by August of 2016. The concept is simple: you send in photos of your dog, and WeRateDogs gives them a score out of 10, adding a caption with their own brand of weird and hilarious humor. They also have an Instagram account (if you actually hate Twitter), a Vine account for videos, and a website with an online store for all your dog rating apparel needs.

As long as you aren’t a heartless husk of a human who hates dogs (and if you are, what are you doing on a dog blog?) this is about to be your new favorite social media account, ever. It’s not just the Twitter we need, it’s the Twitter we deserve.

And don’t forget to send in your best dog pics to dogratingtwitter@gmail.com if you want them to rate your doggo or pupper!


1. Oakley 11/10, will totally help you clean up all the messes he definitely did not make.


He didn’t do it!


2. Luna 12/10, bonus points for speechlessness

Precious AF

3. This 11/10 floof is leading the cavalry


4. Toby is a 7/10 that needed a sequel to do him justice

He’s also a lush

5. Forget truffles, this doggo finds spuds and gets 13/10

Next time bring back fries

6. The 12/10 pupper doesn’t fall far from the doggo

Dogs are like apples…they don’t fall far from the tree

7. Odie gets full marks for his 10/10 snoozing ability


8. Sansa is too big for her chair, and for just one tweet… 11/10

Pupper not smol no mo

9. Leonard is 10/10 the doge version of all of us


This dog is me

10. 4/10 for breaking the rules by sending in a pic without a dog in it

Where’s doggo?

11. Devon/Eric here needs to get his 8/10 life in order


U can do it

12. Oliver gets 11/10 for floofiness and deliciousness


13. Winnie gets 11/10 despite failing at putting her head-out-the-window

I believe I can flyyyyy

14. Carly gets 12/10 for being more than your average pup

Doggo is half shadow half sunshine

15. Pictures without dogs in them only get 5/10

WeRateDogs does not accept spotty images

16. Arnie is trying to keep his cool, despite being rated 12/10

You’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so coooool

17. Lucy gets 12/10 for mastering puppy dog eyes


18. Sometimes instead of dogs, people send in food…and still manage to get 11/10

Your daily dose of Doggo Carotine

19. Timison gets 10/10 for his awkward face



20. Bonus tweet courtesy of Eric Dill’s perfect guide to WeRateDogs breeds:


Much doggos, so puppers

All images from WeRateDogs

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