20 Deliciously Cute Dogs Named After Food

If there's anything better than food, and dogs, it's dogs named after food! Pizza the Pup? Cupcake the Canine? Sign me up!

Food and dogs are both pretty high on the list of “Ten Best Things in the Entire World,” so it’s only natural that some of the cutest, best, and funniest dog names around are food names! Here are 20 delicious and adorable dogs named after food!


1. Lunchbox and Pierogi

Ok, OK, so it’s not actually a food, but we’re starting with Lunchbox, because that’s what you put all the other food in!

“I named him Lunchbox because he eats everything. I got him when he was three months old and the only word he would respond to is ‘foods.'” – Tara Muldoon

Lunchbox loves food and will eat ANYTHING


“…you might enjoy that his cousin is Pierogi!”

Pierogi and Lunchbox? A match made in doggy heaven.


2. Taco, Gordita, and Fudge

“This is Taco! I’d already decided on his name when I drove to pick him up from his foster, but on the way home from Ottawa we stopped at an on route and he sat down in a packet of Taco Bell border sauce!” – Carly Braden

Taco is appropriately abut the same color as a taco.

“This is my other dog, Gordita! We thought it would sound nice with Taco, and in addition to being a delicious fatty treat it means ‘little fatty’, and she’s the skinniest ‘lil lady I’ve ever seen.”

Oh precious little Gordita!


“PS, this one isn’t mine, just a visitor at work, but her name is Fudge!”

Fudge!? What a tiny sweetheart.


3. Ruffles

Food is my whole life. It’s what I do with my career, what I talk about, what I think about, so it was only natural that my dog had a food name. This is Ruffles. My husband wouldn’t let me name her Sprinkles, so here we are.” – Carolyn Poppy Sandler

Now all Ruffles needs is a sibling named “Dip.” They’d be a perfect pair.


4. Tofu

This is Tofu! My boyfriend thought it was cute and we’re hoping to get him a buddy named Tempeh one day.” – Lindsey Bevan

Even healthy vegetarian food makes for a cute name.


5. Hummus

Our rescue pup from Egypt is named Hummus. We like food and thought it was fitting to go along with our cat, Pickles.” – Kaylee Saloranta

Mmmmm… Hummus… and Pickles… now they just need a pet named “Pita” to complete the meal.


6. French Fry

“This is French Fry (look at that face)!” – Marika Constance 

French fries are THE BEST and so is this dog.


7. Pierogi the Puppy

This little pup is just so tiny and wrinkly and cute and stuffed full of cheese. He belongs to Francesca Madeleine.

This dog is a actual, living Pierogi. Look how stuffed full of cheese it is! So chubby! So wrinkly! So cute!


8. Potato

My friend’s uncle just got a puppy that he named Potato! He’s a Beabull and he belongs to Mike and Tracy.” -Melissa Neill

Awwwwe Beagle-Pitbull is such a cute combo!
Look at this little Potato. Could this dog have a more perfect name?


9. Pumpernickle

I had a dog named Pumpernickel, but I’d shorten it to Poumpy. First time my dad called him by that nickname in a full park was one of the funniest moments of my life.” – Darr Starr

Pumpernickle the dog has a dark coloring just like the bread. Perfect!


10. Chilli

My dog’s name is Chilli! She’s adorable! She’s an amazing 10 year old Boston terrier.” – Kristy Wheeler Ware

Oh Chilli, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind.


11. Reese

“This is Reese, our rescue German Shepherd. We named her Reese because her coloring reminded me of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!” – Kelly Fenwick

What a lil’ peanut-butter cup!

12. Couscous

My friend’s dog is named Couscous and another friend has a cat named Aloo Gobi.” – Carolyn Giroux


Couscous is both cute and delicious.


13. Cookie

“This is cookie, she came with this name and it was the only thing she knew so I couldn’t change it. But she’s very sweet like a chocolate chip cookie!” – Madelene Legault


I bet this little cutie likes to eat cookies, too!


14. Jello

This wonderful fuzz nugget, is Jello!” – Courtney Roytberg

But wouldn’t you just sing the JELL-O theme song at your dog all day if this was its name?


15. Pickles

My pup’s name is Pickles!! I just love pickles so it was an obvious choice, and it suits her. Here’s my sweet little Pickle.” – Kimberley Keitner



16. Puddin’

Stella’s nickname is Puddin’. We’re about 50/50 Stelly to Puddin’.” – Lex Gore

Puddin’ loves sweets.


17. Rosemary

This is Rosemary, like the herb. Originally we were thinking Mortadella but a gal dog named Morty wasn’t gelling with her. She usually goes by Rosie.” – Neil Foerster

What a perfectly aristocratic name for a cute little lady. 

Special thanks to everyone in the Bunz Petz Zone Facebook group who submitted their food dog photos and quotes!

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