13 Signs You Are Slowly But Surely Turning Into Your Dog

These are some of the ways you can tell that you're turning canine.

When you spend all your time with one person you inevitably start picking up each others’ habits. You develop in-jokes, and start using the same words, talking like one another, and influencing the things you each like doing. But what if you spend all of your time with your dog? If you’re the type of person who loves nothing more than hanging out with your four-legged best friend, you’ll inevitably, slowly but surely, start turning into your dog.


1. You start going to the dog park during your lunch break…when your dog isn’t even with you

You prefer to be surrounded by dogs than by humans.


Your work isn’t dog friendly, so your furry best friend goes to doggy daycare…but still, somehow you’ve found yourself drawn to the dog park near your work during lunch hour, even when your pup isn’t there. You just feel so at home there, meeting and playing with and petting other people’s dogs. ..but definitely not sniffing their butts, though the thought HAS occurred to you…


2. You get really excited when you hear the word “walk”

You’ve started really, really enjoying getting out and going for walks with your dog. At work all day, all you can think about is how long until you can get outside and stretch your legs and smell all the smells. Any time you hear anybody say the word “walk”, your ears perk up and you’re at attention!


3. You start feeling like you deserve a treat after every little accomplishment

You deserve to treat yo’self

You made your bed today? You deserve a treat. You were on time to work? Obviously time for a little pick-me-up. You sat down? You should have a snack. Shook someone’s hand? Treat yo’self.


4. You are compelled to join an Ultimate Frisbee team

You just can NOT get enough of that mesmerizing, flying disc. All you want to do is run around catching and chasing it, so you join an Ultimate Frisbee team.


5. All you want in life is belly rubs

Yeahhhhhh that’s the spot…

You used to prefer spooning, but now all you want is for your S.O. to give you belly rubs. There’s nothing you want more at the end of a long day than to come home, put your head in their lap as they watch Netflix, and roll onto your back so they can stroke your tummy. Almost nothing makes you happier.


6. You start developing an irresistible attraction to large sticks

Whenever you’re out at a park or on a hike, you just feel an irresistible impulse to pick up a walking stick. Sometimes when people ask you about it, you say you have bad knees or it helps you balance…but really, you just kind of like carrying them around and you’re not sure why. Just makes ya feel good.


7. You are endlessly fascinated by squirrels



What captivating tiny creatures! The way their fluffy tails curl behind them as they bound across the yard! How quickly they can scurry up trees! Right up the side! Kinda makes you want to run after them yelling…


8. You fluff the blankets all around you when you get into bed to make a perfect snuggle spot

Nowadays, when you head to bed, it’s just not enough to get under the blankets. No, you’ve started needing to make a nice little sleeping nest in all your blankets and pillows, and you like fluffing them up and turning around in a circle at least 3 times before you can finally relax.


9. You’ve been having to fight the urge to chase cats and run through groups of birds



You’ve never really been that big of a fan of cats. Shady creatures, cats. Up to no good, probably. But lately you have to fight the urge to just chase after them. Same with birds. Whenever you see a large group of pigeons in the park, or seagulls at the beach, you just cannot resist running right through them and watching them scatter off. It’s just so satisfying.


11. You develop a beef jerky addiction

You don’t remember when, but sometime in the last few weeks you developed an almost insatiable craving for jerky. Beef jerky is your favorite, but you’ll settle for whatever you can get your hands on. It’s gotten to the point where the corner store near your house and the gas station on the way to work both know you by name, and make sure they always keep your favorite brand in stock.


10. You start taking baths instead of showers

Light some candles and grab the bubbles.


You don’t really remember when you started hating showers, but you do. Now you can only bear to take baths, if you must bathe at all. You’d really rather just roll around in something that smells great, but your other half wasn’t having that so…baths it is.


12. You now wake up at 6 am every day to pee

The days of you being able to sleep in are long gone…instead, you wake up every morning at 6 am really needing to pee. And have breakfast. And go for a walk…


13. You can’t stop napping all the time

Maybe it’s because of the waking-up-at-6-am-to-pee thing, but all you want to do now is nap…with your dog of course. I mean, you sometimes take a quick snooze in the bathroom or under your desk at work, but definitely when you get home, and after your Ultimate Frisbee games, and after all those walks, and after chewing on some nice beef jerky…



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