13 Dogs With Hilariously Human Names

Sometimes dogs with super normal-human-sounding names are the funniest thing...especially when being yelled at by their owners.

Some people name their dogs weird things, and some people go for people names. There are some names that are normal for both humans and dogs, like “Bella” and “Rosie”, and some names that are just so human that it makes a hilarious dog name. We asked people to tell us the about the funniest examples of dogs-named-human-names they’d ever heard, and here are the results!


1. “There’s an adorably hideous Chinese crested hairless at my local dog park named Mr. Stephenson. I die over it every time.” – Angelica Von Munster


Behold: Mr. Stephenson


2. “My dogs name is Linda, which is ‘pretty’ in Spanish.. it’s like the equivalent of Bella. Anyway, I dated a guy whose mom’s name was Linda and one day she invited my mother over and she decided to bring my dog, my dog got loose at some point and my mom screams out ‘LINDAAAA COME HERE!’ It was pretty funny, because of course my boyfriend’s mother was like, ‘Yes, yes??’ ” – Sayeni Rojas


3. “This is Jim “The Hammer” Shapiro.” – Eve Bennett

Jim “The Hammer” Shapiro, in all his glory

4. “Growing up in Serbia we had a very dark doggie who we called Fred, after Freddy Kruger. This type of name is not typical over there, so when we moved to the Netherlands into a townhouse complex, and BOTH our neighbors were people named Fred we got lots of funny looks.” – Dusan Jovanovic


5. “My boss has a Frenchie named Steve.”



“It suits him! They just got him a little sister too. They are now Stella and Steve. I love them.” – Rebecca Gousvaris


See that tiny muffin in the dog bed? That’s Stella!


6. My mom let me name our boarder collie growing up so we had a dog called ‘Jessica’. A lovely name in itself, but such an awkward name for a dog. It eventually got shortened to “Jesse” which was a little better.” – Miranda Chartrand


7. “I know at least one dog named Kevin (although I personally think it’s a rad name.) Also met a Sharon. SHARON THE DOG.” – Jessica Rose Powell

8. “I recently met a dog named Douglas and I once met a little bulldog named Gladys.” – Ruby Paugh

9. “This is Burt Reynolds. It’s maybe the best name. Burt is a lovely chap, living large as the best pal of one of my dear friends. Gotta love Burt.” – Skye Squirrely

All he needs a sweet mustache!

10. “I was once in the park and heard someone calling for their dog, ‘Ashley’. I was half expecting it to run over wearing a Michael Kors watch, Uggs, and toting a Starbucks. (Love all you human Ashleys xo)” – Beth Stewart

11. “We call my dog Morgan Freeman. It’s not his official name, more of a nickname but he answers to it.” – Shannon Dee

12. “My lab’s name is Jeff. Jeff just seems like the name of a chill guy who would help you move if you asked him to. This photo is classic Jeff.” – Erin Foley 

Classic Jeff

13. “Steven. Guy at a dog park named his large aggressive doberman Steven. He just kept shouting its name every time it barked and growled at new dogs and people coming in to the park. ‘Steven…Steven!'” – Alise-Ann Glover 

 14. “Several years ago I used to walk this big ball of black hair, a rottweiler mixed with a poodle, that someone had named Gary. I know that there are many humans named Gary so no offense to any of them, but that name totally did not suit this dog.” – Kirsten Elizabeth

Oh, hi there Gary!



Special thanks to everyone from the Bunz Petz Zone Facbook Group who submitted their quotes and photos!
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  • My dog’s name is Mortimer, or Mort for short! We chose this name for a few reasons, but he definitely grew up to suit it. He’s an old man at heart.
    My favourite dog at the daycare I worked at was named Dave! Dave was a furry puppy with alopecia – meaning he was losing his hair, and would eventually bald completely. He looked like a middle aged man with hair loss!

    • My red nose was named Sarah Jessica Pickle. She was the sweetest little girl, but terrified of water after being rescued from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. But she did like going to the beach and rolling around in any stinky thing she could find in the sand 🙂

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