12 Dogs Who Think Life Is Better On A Boat

Adorable dog on a sailboat

The only thing better than some time on the high seas is brining a dog with you for a boating adventure.

They’re on a boat and it’s going fast and there’s a Boxer and Lab, but not an Afghan!

It’s getting hot, most of us are heading to the water, and we’re bringing our dogs! Plenty of dogs just want to hang out on the dock or splash around in the water, but here are twelve dogs who are all about boats! Some are intrepid explorers, others are the captain, and there are a few who are just chilling out, waiting for the crew to come by with an hors d’oeurvre.

Feel that sea breeze in your fur!

A dog and a woman enjoying a boat ride together

You paddle. I’ll keep an eye out for sharks.

Dog going for a kayak ride with his owner

Safety first! This dog is really working that life jacket. (Technically this is a tube, but close enough!)

A dog in his favourite lifejacket

Coast guard reporting for duty!

A dog hanging out in the coast guard boat

Making some interspecies friends on the high seas.

Dogs on a boat with some dolphins in the water

Newfoundlands are at home out on open waters.

Finnegan the Newfoundland dog on a boat

Set sail for adventure!

Cute dog on a boat

Boat life is always better when someone else is doing all the work.

Dog letting his owner do all the work on a kayak

I’m saaaaaaailing awaaaaaay!

Adorable dog on a sailboat

All I need is a cocktail and a magazine and I’m set. Let me know when we’ve reached land.

Zelda the boxer is happy to hang out while waiting to hit land

Aye aye, Captain dog!

This dog is the law on the high seas

Relax and let the waves carry away all your troubles.

A beautiful dog enjoying life on her boat

Now, don’t these sea dogs inspire a little get away from land-locked life?

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