12 Beautiful Brindle Breeds

Lots of breeds have at least some brindle in their repertoire, so here are some of our favourite striped pups!

Brindle is one of the most beautiful markings of all. It’s all about gorgeous stripes and it comes in a variety of colors, either all over or on parts of the body. They can be cream and blue, black and red or many other shades and combinations. We tend to imagine brindle on large bully breeds only, but there are so many types of dogs with this stunning fur.

Greyhounds look great in brindle.


1. Greyhound

These sleek, fast beauties come in many shades and patterns, and brindle is definitely one of them. Whether in saddles, points, or all over, gorgeous brindle fur really catches your attention as it zooms by, or stays perfectly still on your couch.


Brindle boxers are beautiful.


2. Boxer

Boxers have loveable, smushable faces and they come in brindle! They look especially regal in their shades of red and gold, at least until they flop over and wiggle around for belly scratches like big lovable goofs.


This corgi is proud of its coat.


3. Cardigan Welsh corgi

Not all brindle fur is short. The Cardigan Welsh corgi has longer fur with a variety of patterns, including brindle. They’re actually related to the Dachshund, which can also occasionally be found in brindle.


Plott hounds are very frequently brindle.


4. Plott hound

The Plott hound is a lesser-known breed, often brindle all over, and almost always at least somewhat brindle. They’re bred for treeing, which means that they actually chase bears and raccoons up trees. These tough little pups look like tigers and they have a mighty roar, though it’s more like a bay and chop kind of bark.


A stylish brindle Frenchie on a couch


5. French bulldog

Frenchies are already way cute, so why not throw in some adorable little streaks to make their awkward little butts even more adorable?


Can you even handle this sweet brindle face?


6. Bullmastiff

Big, beautiful bullmastiffs have a lot of surface area to cover. When all of that fur is brindle, you’re in for a whole lot of stripes to pet.


Work those brindle markings!


7. Whippet

Some might think that brindle can be an overwhelming pattern, but it can actually be quite subtle on a smaller frame like the whippet. You wear it well, my swift little friend.


A Great Dane with great stripes!


8. Great Dane

Great Danes are just divine in brindle. The smoothness of their coats lends the perfect canvas for deep, luxurious shades intermingling on such a large dog.


Striped staffies are so unbelievably adorable!


9. Staffordshire bull terrier

Staffies are such smiley sweethearts. Seeing the brindle on their little noses and cheeks really frames their joyous expressions.


All fur looks great with stripes!


10. Cairn terrier

Toto from The Wizard of Oz wasn’t a brindle, but Cairn terriers do come in various coat colors and patterns, including brindle. They’re another example of a less close-cropped coat in the signature stripes.


Bull terriers know how to rock the brindle look.


11. Bull terrier

Their lovely long noses look even more refined with a touch of brindle. You can’t deny that these charming pups look very good in stripes.


Miss Charlotte is a mixed breed brindle beauty!


12. Mixed breed

We didn’t mention every breed here, but let’s just say that they’re represented within the mixed breed category. Brindles of mixed or mysterious origins abound, and they’re all incredibly gorgeous in their multicolour coats.


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