12 Adorable Moments You’ll Experience When You Finally Adopt A Dog

dog bath

Once you’ve made up your mind to take the plunge and adopt, there is so much to look forward to.

Adopting a dog is a huge moment in your life and your new family member’s life. It is a decision that no one should make hastily. Once you’ve made up your mind to take the plunge and adopt, there is so much to look forward to.

There are countless firsts and moments that will continue to remind you why you made the best decision of your life.

Here are 12 adorable moments you will experience when you finally adopt a dog:

The first time they play

This moment is priceless. If you have adopted a dog from a rescue, they may not have come from a situation where play was even a thing. To watch them pick up or step on a toy and realize what it means to play, I can’t even describe.


The first time they recognize their name

Adopted dogs have often already been given names. You may choose to give them a different name. When they finally recognize the name you chose and respond, it solidifies your bond.

summer dog

The first time they recognize you

You take them to a dog park, they run around and play with the other dogs for a while, then, they see you and they really, really see you. They know you are their human and they come running back to you.

Dog Love

The first time they obey a command

Sit or stay or wait, it doesn’t matter what command it is, you will be so proud and smitten that they’ve listened.


The first time they learn a trick

Similarly, once they’ve mastered sit, you can go on to more elaborate tricks. Not only is it adorable, but you get to show off to your friends.

shake a paw

The first time they get in trouble

This one sounds weird, but honestly, the first time they get into the garbage, you won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll laugh and think it is adorable how happy and proud they are.

trouble dog

The first time they want to cuddle

Your heart will melt. You’ve been warned.


The first time they comfort you

Dogs are incredibly intuitive. They know when we are sad or sick. The first time your dog will take steps to try and comfort you, that’s love and you’ll feel it.

soldier and dog

The first time you really see their personality

Maybe they’re a goof or maybe they’re super serious. When you finally figure out what sort of personality your dog has, it’s wonderful.

shih tzu

The first time you discover a quirk

They refuse to walk through puddles. They have to jump over them. They won’t eat their dinner until you’ve adequately pet them. Most dogs have quirks. Discovering your dog’s quirk is awesome.

dog and hat

The first time you know they love/trust you

They’ll find a way to show it. It’s difficult to describe, but you will know it and you will feel it.

girl and dog

The first time you give them a bath

Come on, a wet dog is hilarious. Bath time isn’t always adorable for everyone as some dogs are aggressively against them, but if you get a dog that loves (or even hates, but bathes begrudgingly), it’s adorable.

dog bath

These are just twelve moments you’ll likely experience after adopting a dog. There are so many more.

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