11 Types Of Dog People That Get On Everyone’s Nerves

Dog people love dog people, but that doesn't mean we're all enjoyable to be around. Here's a list of the top 11 types of dog people that get on everyone's nerves.

11 Types Of Dog People That Get On Everyone's Nerves

Dog people love dog people, but that doesn’t mean we’re all enjoyable to be around. Here’s a list of the top 11 types of dog people that get on everyone’s nerves.

1. Parents Who Think Their Dog Is Perfect

There are a lot of dog moms and dads out there, who honestly believe that their dog is the greatest dog in the whole world. Including some obvious personality flaws, these dogs are usually not the greatest. The best kind of dog is a dog that is constantly improving. Once you believe your dog is perfect, they stop developing.

2. Parents in Denial

We all love our dogs, but most of us are aware that our dog has his or her own undesirable quirks. Every dog has his issues, and some are more severe than others. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dog parents, who recognize the negative behavior, but refuse to accept it. Many of these parents will have very poorly behaved dogs. Some are even dangerous.

3. Overprotective Parents

Your dog may be “your kid,” but he’s still a dog. Dogs play rough, dogs get scratched up, dogs get dirty. Most dogs are perfectly content rolling around in the mud, and dislike going to the groomer. Parents who “bubble wrap” their dogs, and deny them their basic doggy rights are incredibly frustrating. They are actually oppressing their dog’s natural instincts to dog.

11 Types Of Dog People That Get On Everyone's Nerves

4. Over Enthusiastic Parents

It’s great that you love your dog, but you don’t need to be so enthusiastic all the time. There’s a difference between being a dog mom, and being a crazy dog mom, who does nothing but talk about her dog and show everyone pictures of her dog at every opportunity. We are a little guilty of this on occasion, but we know how to catch ourselves. Try talking about something else for a change.

5. Clueless Parents

Unfortunately, there are a lot of dog parents out there who have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Some people just don’t understand how to raise or train a dog. The worst part is that the world is filled with fabulous teaching resources.

The clueless parents are the ones letting their dog mount other dogs at the park, or allowing their dog to bark and growl in public settings. They don’t understand the warning signs of aggression or stress, which can be dangerous to their dog and others.

6. Uneducated Parents

There is a difference between uneducated parents and clueless parents. Clueless parents choose not to learn, while uneducated parents just haven’t figured it out yet. These dog moms and dads make dumb mistakes that would be easily avoided by an educated parent. They are frustrating, but need to be taught properly on how to raise their dog. Hopefully they are open to learning!

11 Types Of Dog People That Get On Everyone's Nerves

7. People Who Love Dogs But Don’t Have Them And Don’t Get It

This is the worst. Unless you have a dog, or have had a dog, you have absolutely no idea what it’s like to raise one. Raising a dog is like raising a kid. You are solely responsible for its health and wellbeing, and there are a million ways to do it. People who love dogs, but don’t have one of their own, are usually the ones who criticize others for their techniques. They use “research” to justify their beliefs, rather than personal experience.

Ignore them.

8. Dog People Who Discriminate

You can’t love dogs but be a dog racist. If you truly loved dogs, you would understand that breed only plays a small part in a dog’s behavior. The owner is directly responsible for their dog and how it behaves. If they have a poorly behaved dog, or an aggressive dog, it is because they haven’t done their proper duty as a parent. Breed discrimination is one of the leading causes of overflow in shelters, unnecessary euthanasia, and abuse.

Real dog people love all dogs.

9. Anti-Vet Parents

Why is this even a thing? This is the same twisted mindset that anti-vaccine parents have. Modern medicine exists for the purpose of keeping people and animals alive and disease free. Yes, there is merit in holistic treatment, and one should not always jump on the antibiotic train at the first sign of illness, but there needs to be a happy balance. The reason why we take our dogs to the veterinarian is because the vet is professionally trained on how to diagnose a dog’s issue. Without the vet, you are making a guess at what’s wrong with your dog, and risk progressing the injury or illness. Lack of treatment or “waiting for it to get better on its own” is a major killer for most household pets.

11 Types Of Dog People That Get On Everyone's Nerves

10. Backyard Breeders

With millions of dogs surrendered to and euthanized in shelters each year, why are we still making more puppies?

There are dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages in the shelter system. All you have to do is look. If you want a three month old Chinese shar pei, there’s probably one in a shelter somewhere. It’s estimated that there are enough homeless dogs in America to provide families with pets for the next 10 years.

Spay and neuter your pets, people.

11. Know-It-All Parents

There’s a fine line between being educated about dogs, and being a know-it-all show-off, who has nothing better to do than make other dog parents feel bad about themselves. These people use every opportunity to make it apparent that they are the dog master. They are completely opposed to learning from others, and can often be wrong without realizing it.

A good dog person is one who is constantly learning and improving their ability to care for their dog. They should also be willing to share their knowledge in a non-condescending fashion. Dog parents gotta stick together!

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