10 Red Flags Your Partner Isn’t Into Your Dog

If you have a gut feeling that your partner isn't into your dog, you're probably right. And, there are tell-tale signs that will confirm your suspicions.

The consensus here at Angus Post is that you shouldn’t date someone who refuses to love your dog. We are devoted dog lovers who treat our dogs like children. We get that not everyone wants children, and that they can be a pain in the ass, but that’s what you’re signing up for when you date one of us. Never let someone get between the unconditional love and special bond you have with your fur-kid. Sometimes it’s not as obvious as others. But, if you’re dating someone and they start exhibiting any of the behaviors below, you can pretty much assume they’re not into your dog. So, keep looking!

1. They prefer going out on dates or, having you over to their place

It’s a major red flag if your partner is always making plans that involve meeting away from your house. A real dog loving partner will gladly come up with dates that include all three of you. Same idea if they always want you to sleepover at their place. They clearly aren’t into sharing you with your pup.

Another night alone, waiting for my Pops to come home.


2. They ask you to crate your dog when they come over

This one is obvious. If you’re seeing someone and, on movie night they can’t stand sharing the couch with both you and your pup, they’re just not that into her.

Are you seriously going to leave me in here when you’re home?


3. They complain about dog hair/ allergies

If your significant other complains about shedding or begins commenting on his/her allergies more than usual, it’s another red flag. When you love your fur-kid deeply, a little hair on the floor is no big deal. We get that allergies are the worst but, since our fur-kids are family members and aren’t going anywhere, we suggest sucking it up and trying Reactine.

Shedding problems. The struggle is real.


4. They make little jokes about how much you love your dog

It’s passive-aggressive. It’s a tad lined with jealousy. And, it’s a definite sign that your partner doesn’t respect the bond you have with your pooch, nor do they want to share it.

What if my dog is my whole world?


5. When it’s time to walk your dog, they let you go solo

Dogs need to be walked. If you find you’re always walking your pup solo, it’s a tell tale sign that your partner isn’t finding pleasure in your lifestyle. You’re going to spend a lot of time on walks; wouldn’t you rather share those with your partner and your pooch? They are, after all, mega-fun!

Solo walks are fun. But, group walks are even better.


6. They push your dog away when s/he tries to show them affection

OK – so maybe your partner doesn’t share your love of slobbery kisses. That’s not what we’re talking about here. If your human guy or gal isn’t comfortable with your dog asking for pets or a little snug, then you’ve got a problem.

All I want is a kiss!


7. They don’t play with your dog.

Who doesn’t love playing with dogs?! That’s just lame. Perhaps you’re dating a cat person? Move on!

Silly bonding play time is the best.


8. They make fun of your dog

This one is kind of like #4 in the passive-aggressive department and isn’t always the easiest to tune into. I make fun of my dogs and occasionally so do some of my friends. But, if it’s constant and sometimes mean-spirited, pay attention. It could be your partner’s not-so-subtle way of telling you how they really feel.

Would you please not?


9. They don’t take joy in celebrating your dog’s achievements

An important aspect in finding the right partner is finding one who shares in your extended family’s achievements, as well as your own. If your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t into celebrating your pup’s birthday or, if they don’t seem to be interested that they graduated from obedience school, we’re sorry to say, but they aren’t really into your dog.

Celebrating the milestones


10. If you need emergency help with your dog, they aren’t available

If you treat your dog like he’s your child (as most of us do) and something happens that lands you in emerg and your partner isn’t there to help, they’re making a statement. Whether your kid has two legs or four, you want to be with someone who shares your priorities. Mister or Miss Right should be there to hold your hand (and your pup’s) through the toughest times.

Chow at the vet with his dad


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