10 Reasons Why Rottweilers are Awesome

Rotties are some of the best breeds around.

Baseless fear and judgements of certain dog breeds are pretty commonplace these days. I’m sure by now, most of us are well-aware of the unfounded Breed Specific Legislation and unfair biased views of certain dog breeds – especially Pit Bulls (not even an actual breed, to be correct). Like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers have been subjected to unfair fear, judgements, and allegations over the years, typically only based around their build, appearance, and size. When in all actuality, Rotties are some of the most friendly, protective, and fun-loving family pups around.

Originally bred to drive cattle to market and pull carts for butchers, Rottweilers are some of the most trainable dogs around and excel when given any sort of job; with many working within the police force and the military. On top of that, these dogs are highly intelligent, incredibly affectionate towards family, strangers, and children, and extremely loyal.

Check out the video below to find out 10 facts that prove just why Rottweilers are so awesome.

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