10 Reasons Why My Dogs Make Being Single More Than All Right

Griffon and Affenpinscher beach

Charles de Gaulle said, “The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.” Don't get me wrong, I'd love to meet a human partner in crime but, my dogs have set some pretty high standards.

It is definitely not coincidence that my longest stretch of single-dom began when I got my two pooches, which was immediately following the end of my last long term relationship.

For a while, I was simply enjoying the benefits of being alone for the first time in years; I was focused on my work, my friends and, raising my two pups right. When I started dating again, it felt like things had changed and, frankly, most of the time going out with strangers now felt less exciting and more of a drag.

I mean seriously – what can most of the people out there on Tinder or Bumble offer me that is better than the time I spend with my pups? The standards my fur-kids have set are pretty tough to beat. Is this a blessing or a curse? I’ve yet to decide.

Here are the top 10 reasons my dogs make my being single more than all right.

1. Every single time I walk in the door they greet me with unabashed joy.

It doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone one minute, ten minutes, or ten hours – my dogs greet me at the door every single time as if they haven’t seen me in years. Their most favorite thing in the whole world is spending time with me. And, they’re never embarrassed to show it.

Brussels Griffon and Affenpinscher in matching pocket monster sweaters


2. They never complain about my cooking or housekeeping.

I’m actually not a bad cook. And, I keep a pretty clean house. But, there are days when work leaves me tired and things might slide a bit.

Never will these two complain about the pile of laundry I haven’t folded (in fact, they love the clean laundry pile and will jump and roll in it) or the cheap canned food I feed them when I’m too tired to cook. They’re just happy we’re together.

What’s for dinner?


3.They are the best snugglers.

There are few things in this world as comforting as fuzzy shnoogles. And, my fur-kids know just how to smoosh into all the right nooks and crannies. They can hang out like this during hours of a Gilmore Girls/Netflix marathon (and they don’t complain about that either).

And, unlike humans…even their snores are soothing and adorable!

Brussels Griffon snuggling her mom


4. They’re always up for an adventure.

Making plans with my dogs is super simple because there’s no negotiating what we want to do. As long as they get to hang with me, they’re up for anything. A trip to the beach? Sure. A meet-up with all our other Brussels Griffon and Affenpinscher friends? Absolutely. A last minute weekend trip to New York? You got it. Their schedules always work with mine and, they never question my ideas for adventure.

Brussels Griffon and Affenpinscher enjoying a car ride


5. They are always down for a good late night dance party.

I have always loved a good dance party. But, usually these days they take place in the privacy of my own living room. When I turn out the lights and turn up the stereo, both my dogs get excited and start wiggling their little butts with me. I don’t know many people who would join in on that kind of silliness whenever I call for it.

Brussels Griffon shaking her booty


6.They intuitively know when something is wrong and offer me love and support.

Let’s face it – most humans aren’t the best at sensing feelings. Many find feelings downright stressful. Not my dogs! They listen to me vent when I need to with zero judgement. I never have to worry about them telling anyone anything I’ve said. And, even better? They never try to offer me unsolicited advice. They just listen and offer me a kiss and a belly to rub until my mood passes.

Brussels Griffon and Affenpinscher giving head tilts while listening attentively


7. They can always make me laugh.

My two little monkeys are mischievous and ridiculous 24/7. Sometimes they’re not even trying to make me laugh. They just look at me a certain way or, make a funny noise. Watching them play together is entertainment for hours. Especially at night, when they get the zoomies. I might be alone in my house, but my home never feels lonely.

Brussels Griffon wearing doggles by the pool


8. They only have eyes for me.

It’s no secret that dogs are loyal. My fur-kids appreciate me 100% of the time and never take me for granted.

Added bonus – I’ve never once caught either of them secretly texting another fur-son late at night while sleeping in bed beside me.

Brussels Griffon and Affenpinscher chilling on the couch


9. They never try to get out of holiday parties with my family.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to show up solo to family functions while dating my ex. Being with someone and showing up alone is even worse than showing up single; you are faced with a barrage of questions and judgments from distant family members who you could care less knowing anything about your life.

This has never been an issue since I started bringing my fur-kids – party costumes and all. Also, they usually lighten the conversation and bring more joy to the occasions. They are always a hit!

Brussels Griffon and Affenpinscher ready for Santa


10. Their love for me is drama-free and unconditional.

Dogs don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s few and far between that we have an argument. And, when we do, they forgive me within moments. They hold no grudges. Nothing compares to the unconditional love my dogs offer me. Just look at these two funny faces!

Brussels Griffon and Affenpinscher happy on a summer day


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