10 Products That Will Make Your Dog Fall for Fall

Fall is just around the corner - that means food, family and fun! It’s also a great season to spend some quality time with your dog, in and out of the house! Here are some products your dog absolutely needs this fall!

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year, if not the best! The leaves are changing color, the air is perfectly brisk, and it’s a season of holidays with Thanksgiving and Halloween just around the corner – that means food, family and fun! It’s also a great season to spend some quality time with your dog, in and out of the house! Here are some products your dog absolutely needs this fall!

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  1. Boots!

Two dogs in Pawsh Pads boots


Fall is an amazing season, but the weather is changing, and it’s getting colder. That can be a welcome treat after a long, hot summer, but it can also be a little rough on our dogs’ feet. The answer? Boots!

A good pair of durable, waterproof boots can make a world of difference for your best friend on your walks.

Grab a pair of Pawsh Pads Dog Boots from World of Angus!

Bonus: Your dog might walk funny when you first put these on until he gets used to them, but it’s completely safe and totally hilarious.

1.5 Leg warmers

Leg warmers for dogs in stripes


I wanted to include this item as a related product to the boots, because what’s a nice pair of fall boots without leg warmers?

These leg warmers, which come in a variety of sizes, stylish stripes, and colors, are perfect for long walks on those particularly cold days. They’re especially great for older dogs, since the warmth will help relieve joint pain in damp weather.

  1. Light-Up Collar/Leash

Bulldog in LED collar


Safety first!

As the air turns colder, the days get shorter. Fall always means that the sun sets so early! This is totally great for the spooky vibes of October, but not so great when you’re walking your dog in the evening and it’s already dark by 7 p.m, especially if your dog likes to run freely off-leash.

Keep your pup happy and safe with a light-up collar and leash. The lights on your dog’s collar and leash will mean she’s visible to cars, people, and other dogs, allowing her to do all the things she loves to do in summer, while keeping her safe and your mind at ease. She’ll also look super stylish.

Squeaker Dogs makes collars and leads that light up completely using LED lights, so your dog can be seen from up to half a mile (one kilometer) away. They even offer collar + lead combos.

  1. Fall themed toys!

Turkey toy from Tuffy Toys


Okay so this one is really just for fun, but, your dog will definitely appreciate it.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with your dog with this Tallulah the Turkey from Tuffy Barnyard. This adorable little turkey comes in two sizes, regular and Jr., for big and small dogs alike. And it’s super durable for those dogs (like mine) who seem to chew everything in seconds. This squeaky little pal is also machine washable!

  1. Dog balm

Corgi with dog balm from World of Angus


Just like us, our dog’s skin can get dry and irritated with the colder weather. And just like humans, moisturizer is the cure!

Try out this certified fair-trade and organic dog balm from World of Angus for your little buddy this fall. Put it on his paws, his neck, his belly – wherever his skin needs a little boost! And if he’s a licker, not to worry, this stuff is totally safe to consume.

  1. Water-resistant blanket

Pug with World of Angus dog blanket


What is fall for if not cuddling up on the couch with our dogs and a hot drink? But how many times has your dog come in from a cold, wet walk and bolted straight for the couch, making everything soggy and spreading that delightful wet dog smell all over? There’s a solution!

The Dog Blanket from World of Angus is a super cozy fleece blanket that’s also water-repellent and anti-microbial, so your dripping pup won’t soak or stink-up the cushions.

This massive blanket comes in a variety of color patterns, making it super stylish. It’s also machine washable for maximum convenience!

  1. Stylish sweaters!

Cilly Dog Sundance Sweater on dog


My absolute favorite thing about fall is getting to bust out my extensive sweater collection – the ones for me, and the ones for my dog. Every dog needs a cozy sweater to show off on the streets, and curl up in at home.

The must-have sweater for fall 2016 for all dogs is this Sundance sweater from Chilly Dog. The colors are beautiful and capture all the shades of fall, and are perfect for both boys and girls. It also comes in multiple sizes so you can get the perfect fit for your pooch.

Bonus: These sweaters are 100% wool and use natural plant dyes. They’re also fair-trade, and hand knit by Inca Artisans in South America.

  1. Flea & Tick Collar Medallion

Flea and tick collar medallion


Okay, so this item is definitely the most boring on the list, but it might also be one of the most important and useful.

Studies have shown that reported cases of fleas and ticks in dogs surges 70% in fall. Some experts even call fall “flea season.” Make sure your dog is protected with these no-hassle flea and tick medallions.

This easy-to-use product from Spectra SHIELD simply clips on to your dog’s collar, and releases a formula to keep the fleas and ticks away. Its sustained release system ensures your dog is always protected.

The medallions come in various sizes, which should be purchased based on your dog’s weight.

  1. Dog shampoo: in a fall scent!

World of Angus Cedar Pine shampoo


This is one of my favorite products on this list!

Something amazing about fall is all of the wonderful scents, and this shampoo for your dog will capture that completely!

The “Cedar Pine” scented dog shampoo from World of Angus is biodegradable, chemical-free, and smells like Canadian wilderness, which has total fall vibes.

Perfect for a warm bath after a hike on a brisk day.

  1. Cozy dog bed

World of Angus dog bed


Just like us, our dogs love to cuddle up in bed as the weather gets chilly.

The Dog Bed from World of Angus is made of human-grade memory foam for maximum comfort for your dog. It also comes in two sizes to fit your specific pup.

Bonus: You can purchase an adorable cover from World of Angus. My top-pick for fall is the “The Snuggle is Real” cover.

Snuggle is Real bed cover from World of Angus


  1. Pumpkin-spice dog treats

Pumpkin spice dog treats


Everybody knows that fall is incomplete without pumpkin-spice-everything, and there’s no reason your dog should miss out.

Grab your dog some of these pumpkin spice treats from K9 Bytes. They’re hand-made from top grade ingredients, and the bag is resealable for freshness, although, don’t expect them to last long.


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