10 Dog Owners On The Cutest Thing Their Dog Does

There's always that one thing that your dog does that is the absolute cutest.

There is an entire science behind why we find our animals to be so cute. But, the science of cuteness has everything to do with appearance and nothing to do with behavior. In fact, a lot of dog owners will tell you that the most annoying thing their dog does is also one of their favorite. Explain that!

Our pooches have way more than one adorable behavior which tugs on our heart strings, so, it was not an easy question to pose. But, we asked our friends anyway and got some pretty adorable answers that prove it doesn’t take much to win us humans over.

1. “As soon as I pull a blanket over Irwin he falls asleep.” – Nicole Simone

Irwin is a passionate casual napper


2. “Count eating. Anything.” – Brittany Rae Dunning

Count with food face after dinner


3. “When I’m in bed she’ll paw at the covers. I lift them, she walks under, backs up into me for a spoon and, lays her head on my shoulder. Good night!” – Barbara Mazzu

Little Lucy all snuggled up on her mom


4. “My kitten is not allowed in the bedroom during sleep or naptime because he always wants to play and, won’t let me sleep. If I’m just reading in bed and the kitten comes in with his usual antics, Varden becomes my bodyguard, always getting in between us or protecting me.” – Tara Hill

Varden the bodyguard protecting his mum from the kitten


5. “When Macy was alive, she rarely barked. But she had the cutest, softest howl. It was my favorite.” – Becki Jones

Macy and Habib celebrating their birthday


6. “Willie Nelson pretends to still be asleep when I have to wake up super early.” – Michelle Cartwright

Willie Nelson pretending to snooze


7. “They sing on command!” – Rosalyn Walker

Xena and Kali preparing to sing


8. “Someone gave us a life-sized ceramic Yorkshire terrier and we put it in the corner of the living room, partially as a joke. Our yorkie, Monk, is not crazy about other dogs but he loves to snuggle up to the figurine. We started calling her Girlfriend.” – Lynn Deane

Monk the Yorkie looking happy after a snug with Girlfriend


9. “Quincy dive bombs on my chest when I’m not petting her enough. And, Gilly talks/yells at me.” – Jenni Hauner

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 5.30.01 PM
QuincyPie and GillyMonster being adorable


10. “Valencia’s little nub tail wagging when she is happy to see me or, thinks there is food involved. Ursula is just a little mush; she will snuggle anywhere, anytime.” – Christine Coco Murray

Demon Dogs celebrating 4th of July


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