10 Behavioral Issues You Seriously Need To Sort Out With Your Dog


Is your dog guilty of these things behavioral issues? It may be time to start addressing his "quirks!"

There’s a vast difference between the “puppy phase” and true behavioral issues. Unfortunately, many pet parents are ignorant to their dog’s bad behavior, refuse to address the situation, or simply blame it on their age.

No matter what your dog’s age is, you should always address their bad behavior in order to prevent it from progressing. Many negative habits or actions develop into forms of aggression.

Here are 10 common behavioral issues that you should definitely address with your dog.

1. Jumping Up

This is something most dogs are guilty of. For some reason, jumping up on humans isn’t viewed as a behavioral issue, when it is actually a serious sign of disrespect. Your dog should understand that he cannot jump up on you or others without their permission.

Without training, he may not understand the difference between an adult and a child. This could cause him to accidentally harm a child, by knocking them over, scratching them, or scaring them.

If your dog has a bad habit of jumping up on people, make sure you take it seriously, and don’t allow him to do so. Not even to you!

Barking may seem funny at first, but it can turn into a much worse problem!


2. Barking

Barking is another sign of behavioral issues. Barking, whether it’s at other dogs, people, or even nothing, is something that needs to be addressed.

Barking causes discomfort for everyone involved, and not just for the loudness factor. If your dog barks at other people, he may be more likely to develop other aggression issues.

Barking may be tough to stop at first, but you will eventually find a system that works for you. Once your dog learns to not be a “barker,” your relationship will become much more pleasant.

Play biting starts as a sign of teething and communication, but must be corrected or redirected right away.


3. Play Biting

Play biting is usually evident in the puppy stage, but can grow into something much worse. Unfortunately, a lot of pet owners don’t address play biting immediately, and end up with an adult dog that still bites. This is where the behavioral issue becomes dangerous.

Adult dogs, who play bite, often cause bodily harm to other dogs and humans. Nipping, biting, gnawing, and mouthing are all signs of behavioral issues that must be solved. You do not want your dog to accidentally or purposefully harm someone else.

If you dog is a play biter, research techniques, and consult a professional for how to handle the issue.

Leash pulling is simple to correct! Once you find the right tool, it’s all about repetition.


4. Leash Pulling

Leash pulling is quite common, but is also easily fixed. The worst puller can be corrected within just a few months or even weeks of appropriate training.

It is important that your dog walks politely on leash for your safety, the safety of your dog, and the safety of others. There are many tools that aid in leash pulling, as well as multiple dog training classes that you can attend with your pup.

Correcting a pulling issue may be frustrating at first, but your life will improve greatly once this issue is solved!

Animal aggression is never OK. Seek professional help if your dog is aggressive.


5. Animal Aggression

Animal aggression, whether it be toward small animals, large animals, other pets, or other dogs is a very real issue. Aggression problems will only worsen over time if they are not addressed, and this could result in serious harm to yourself, your dog, or someone else.

The last thing you want is an aggressive dog! If your dog is displaying any signs of aggression, find a way to correct the behavior immediately. Consult a professional dog trainer for new methods, or for help on finding a method that works for your dog.

It’s important that both you and your dog understand the dangers of aggression.

Bullying other dogs is not playing. Learn to recognize the difference!


6. Bullying Other Dogs And Toy Possession

If your dog is a bully, you need to teach him how not to be!

Bullying other dogs is a sign of aggression, whether it looks like playing or not. This will lead to more developed aggression, and may cause other dogs to become aggressive.

The same can be said for dogs who are toy possessive. You don’t have to make your dog share his things, but you should make sure he’s not being aggressive toward others because of them! If your dog is toy possessive, it may be best to not allow him to play with toys around others until you’ve properly trained him.

Mounting can cause physical or psychological damages. Don’t let your dog mount other dogs.


7. Mounting And Other Dominance Issues

Mounting is a form of dominance aggression, and has physical and psychological effects on other dogs. By mounting other dogs, your dog is basically saying that he is in charge, and he does not respect others’ space or comfort. Mounting is not playful! Do not let your dog mount other dogs!

If your dog is displaying dominance towards another dog in a negative way, seek help and resources on how to correct this behavior. If your dog attempts to dominate an aggressive dog, he could be seriously injured.

You do not want mounting and dominance issues to develop further! Seek professional help if you think your dog needs training.

Destructive chewing can lead to fatal bowel obstruction.


8. Destructive Chewing

Destructive chewing is a behavioral issue that only harms everyone involved. Destructive chewing will cause physical damages to your belongings, harm your relationship with your dog, and possibly cause health complications for your pup. Did you know that fatal bowel obstruction is one of the leading causes of death in young dogs?

Destructive chewing may seem like a phase, but is one that your dog will not grow out of. Be sure to correct this behavior as soon as possible to keep yourself, your shoes, and your dog safe!

Keep Away is a dangerous game. Teach your dog valuable recall skills as soon as possible!


9. Playing “Silly Buggers” or “Keep Away”

Silly Buggers is a term used for dogs who like to run away when it’s time to be leashed up, or when asked to drop an object. These dogs are the worst!

Playing Silly Buggers or Keep Away is a sign of disrespect and is potentially dangerous for you and your dog. In the event of an emergency, you need to be able to catch your dog as quickly as possible. If he is running around, he may put both of you in harm’s way.

Teach your dog that you are more exciting than the game, and some basic recall skills, and he will learn to come when called. Address this issue as soon as it begins, or you may have to spend much longer correcting this behavior later.

Your dog should always practise good manners. Make sure he is showing respect to you and others.


10. Being Disrespectful

Dogs are capable of being disrespectful, and they are fully aware of it. If your dog is disrespectful toward you or others, make sure to address the issue as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want your child disrespecting others, would you? 

Whether you need to seek professional help or not, acceptance is the first step.

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