Why You Shouldn’t Play Pokemon Go While Walking Your Dog

Leave the phone alone!

Pokemon Go is the latest and greatest game of the century. All the millenials are jumping at the opportunity to go on real world adventures to capture their very own Pokemon. It’s a 90’s kid’s dream come true!

However, though this game is working as a fantastic excuse to get us nerds outside, it’s also been causing some seriously unexpected safety hazards. After all, this world is about “nothing in moderation.”

That’s right, people are hurting themselves while playing this game. There have been car accidents, kids wandering into dangerous neighbourhoods and construction zones, and even criminals using the app to lure unsuspecting children. Somehow, when this game went live, the general public forgot how to use common sense.

So, we wanted to remind all of our fellow dog lovers out there of one very important thing: Don’t play Pokemon Go while walking your dog!

A service dog in front of the Iron Maiden plane

Why Not?

Many Pokemon Go users have mentioned that this app is great for exercise. One player even stated “it’d be fair to say that my dog has never been walked so much in her life.” Though it may make for some cool photos, playing Pokemon Go, or any game for that matter, while walking your dog is dangerous and irresponsible.

Walking your dog in public is a task that requires your undivided attention. What Pokemon Go users have proved recently is that the game is addicting, and also consumes the player’s attention fully. This means that, if you are walking your dog while playing Pokemon Go, you are depriving one or both of necessary thought.

As pup parents, we are well aware of the risks of dogs who aren’t supervised carefully. Unsupervised dogs can be dangerous to others, or even themselves. Dogs who are lacking attention may act out, become defensive, have negative interactions with other dogs, experience anxiety, or even put themselves in dangerous situations.

For example: if you are playing Pokemon Go while walking your dog, you may not notice that they are nervous of an oncoming stranger. Your dog might act out towards the individual, or attempt to avoid them by stepping onto the street, putting themselves in immediate danger of oncoming traffic.

This situation may seem extreme, but it’s very likely. Noticing and interpreting your dog’s body language is key to ensuring both of your safety. 

A service dog in front of the Iron Maiden plane

Other Options

If you truly wish to play Pokemon Go with your dog, despite the fact that he will have no idea what is going on, you can always choose to do so in the safety of your own home. Your home is a place where your dog is comfortable, and there’s less risk of an incident occurring while you are playing the game. You won’t have to worry about other dogs, animals, traffic, or strangers.

Hang out on the floor with your pup and take some funny photos like the ones above!

If you are going to walk your dog, please give him the attention he requires. He is, after-all, a living thing. Not a computerized, animated animal.

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