Vancouver Police Officer Plunges Into Icy Waters to Rescue Drowning Dog

Officer Peter Colenut didn't think twice about stripping down and diving in to save the floundering pup.

A Vancouver Police officer is making waves on social media this week after he jumped into freezing waters to rescue a drowning dog.

On Friday, February 11, police were called to Stanley Park when a worried onlooker saw the dog fall through the thin ice of Lost Lagoon while he was busy chasing a ball. When police arrived on the scene, the dog was struggling to keep his head above water and could not navigate his way out on his own.

That’s when Officer Peter Colenut took action. Seeing the dog struggling, he immediately stripped down, removed his shoes and portions of his uniform and, with one of his coworkers holding onto the other end, took hold of a rescue rope and plunged into the icy water, making his way to the floundering pup.

Officer Colenut running back to his squad car after rescuing the dog.
Officer Colenut running back to his squad car after rescuing the dog.

Photos posted on Twitter Friday afternoon show Colenut being pulled back to shore with the dog safely under his arm. Both made it out of the Lagoon safe and sound, but just a little bit chilly. Worried onlookers commended the officer for his swift and immediate action, not thinking twice about plunging into the icy waters to save the drowning dog.

With temperatures continuing to rise across the country, this incident is a good reminder to always keep an eye on your furry friends, especially when close to water, as the ice on lakes and rivers continues to melt with spring fast approaching. Our pups sometimes have one track minds when out and about, so ensure yours is on a leash, or is trained to stay close by when out for walks.

Sources: CBC News

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