Top 10 Best Dressed of 2017: Halloween Edition

From Games of Thrones to ET and everything in between, we take a look at the best dressed pups of Halloween 2017.

Dogs are our children. So yes, we dress them up, and no, we don’t care. Here’s our 10 favourite canine costumes of Halloween 2017.

10. The Monopoly Guy, er, Dog

If the Monopoly Guy were a dog, I’m pretty sure he would look exactly like this.

9. E.T.

All Oscar needs is a basket and a bike and he could be E.T.’s twin.

8. Walker, Texas Ranger

Purely because his name is “Chuck Norris.” He also wins “best name for a dog” award.

7. Jake from Statefarm

He’s wearing, uh, khakis.

6. Spiderman

The cutest spider-man-pup I ever did see! Upside down, as usual.


5. A Prairie Home Companion

I am obsessed with this. Literally. Obsessed.

4. Kate Middleton

Kudos to Kayla who can rock fashion accessories better than Coco Chanel. Here’s a little secret. She’s also expecting!

3. Wonderdog!

Saving the world is tiring….

2. BB-8

Someone is excited for the new Star Wars movie. (I know I am!) This pup rolls in at the number 2 spot as BB-8!

1. Game of Bones

These pups are all bundled up… winter is here!

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