This Dog Learnt Sign Language To Communicate With His Owner

Bruce Lee is a pretty amazing little dog. Born deaf, he's learnt sign language to communicate with his owner.

Bruce Lee isn’t your average pup.

The small, black and white Japanese chin, has learnt sign language after tests revealed he is almost completely deaf.

“I didn’t know how to go about training him so I learnt to train him using sign language,” said Gaynor Andrews, who adopted Bruce Lee from a shelter a year and a half ago, after her dog, Skippy, passed away.

Andrews began to notice that something was different about little Bruce Lee when she brought him to training classes and he wasn’t responding to any sounds.

“That’s why he wasn’t reacting to my voice. He couldn’t hear anything that was going on around him.”

In an attempt to train Bruce Lee, Andrews learnt sign language and taught the puppy several hand gestures.

Pointing to the floor means sit, while a thumb up from Andrews lets Bruce know to stand.

Gaynor Andrews demonstrates Bruce Lee’s sign language abilities on his YouTube channel


And physical exercises aren’t the only thing Andrews has taught Bruce to do. She’s also focused on his brain exercise.

“I have bought him a couple of puzzle boxes and he has managed to figure them all out.” She said.

“He can lift a lid on a box using a rope and pull a drawer out. He enjoys doing the puzzles.”

Bruce Lee also competes in competitions and participates in dog shows, where he consistently wows the judges.

He placed fourth in the best rescue category at the Barking Mad Dog Show in Llancaiach Fawr Manor and despite his constant struggle with being underweight and on the smaller side, landed a top 10 spot in the best condition category.

It’s not just show judges who love Bruce Lee, either. He’s also winning fans all over the world on YouTube.

“I created a YouTube channel for him and the amount of attention he gets is incredible. Children are stopping us when we’re out saying ‘that’s Bruce Lee’ and they say they have seen him online.” Andrews told Express in the UK.

“He’s turning into a local celebrity.”

But despite his celebrity-status and numerous achievements, Bruce Lee remains down to earth.

“He loves going to the park and making new friends and other dogs seem to behave well in his presence,” Andrews said.


All photos courtesy of Express via Nutty Nibbs/Youtube

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