This DIY Puzzle Makes A Great Mental Exercise For Your Dog

Your dog will love this game!

Exercising your pet is important, but what some pet parents may forget is that mental stimulation is just as beneficial to your dog as physical. Making sure that your pup completes daily mental exercises is important for their healthy development.

Though there are many puzzles and puzzle toys available to dogs, sometimes the best ones are home made.

This three piece brain teaser is not only easy to make, but will keep your pup occupied and entertained!

Step 1

Repurpose or purchased a muffin tray. Be sure to wash this well, as your dogs will be licking and sniffing it!

Make sure you clean your muffin tray with non-toxic soap!


Step 2

Using healthy, ingredient appropriate dog treats, place some of the empty muffin tins. Don’t put a cookie under each one! That takes the fun away from this game.

Use your dog’s favorite treats for motivation.


Your tray should look like this when you’re done!

Looks good!


Step 3

Take gently used or new tennis balls, that have been washed and are safe for your dog, and place them over the treats.

Always supervise your dog while playing with tennis balls!


Use one tennis ball per tin, and cover the ones that don’t have treats as well!

Make sure you cover every tin!


Play Time!

Now you are ready for a fun filled afternoon with your pup! Let’s see how quickly he can figure this game out.

Have fun!


Charlie and Irwin are pros!


Watch us demonstrate the Easy DIY Muffin Tin Game below!

Keep checking back at World Of Angus’s YouTube for more pawsome tutorials.

Always supervise your dog while playing with tennis balls!

World of Angus YouTube

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