These Puppies Flunked Out Of TSA Training But That Was Just The Beginning

These cuties weren't cut out for detecting bombs, but they'll be a bomb dog!

TSA pups are intensely trained for a very important job – detecting explosives to keep all us fliers safe while we travel. But have you ever thought about what happens when one of these pups just can’t get the hang of bomb-sniffing, or even when one retires? Well neither had we…until this PSA from the TSA. They are actively looking for people to adopt one of their old faithfuls who have done their time, or even a young whipper-snapper who just didn’t have the sharpest nose in the drawer.

A service dog in front of the Iron Maiden plane


These amazing dogs range in age from around 2-10 years, and are usually German Short-Haired Pointers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Obviously these breeds are selected for being “working dogs” (they just got laid off!), so they require an owner with space and/or an active lifestyle.

TSA Service Dog

Since these dogs are raised from birth to be working dogs, most have been raised in kennels, and thus will need an adjustment period and some patient humans to help them get used to living in a house. They are all spayed or neutered, and their level of training varies wildly.

The good news? There’s no adoption fee! So, if you want to give a TSA dog a forever home, submit an application to and see if you meet the standards for adoption. Once you’re approved they will start trying to match you with the perfect pet, and once you find the right dog, you just have to travel to San Antonio, Texas to pick it up.



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