These Police Officers Rescue A Starving Stray Dog During A Check Stop, Then Offer Her A Forever Home

Indianapolis Police Officers rescued a stray dog during a traffic stop this week, welcoming her into their home and hearts.

A stray dog can consider herself anything but unlucky after a fateful encounter with Indianapolis Police Officers on September 7, 2016.

Recruit Officer Freeman and her field training officer from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) were executing a routine traffic stop in the northern part of the city, when they encountered an emaciated dog. This young pit bull type dog was found standing in a nearby yard. The gate was open, and she did not appear to have a collar.

This stray dog was rescued by IMPD Officers on September 7th.


After further investigation, it was discovered that no neighbors or bystanders knew the owners of the dog, and she was deemed a stray. With one quick glance at the young female, officers determined that she was in need of medical attention.

The dog had been starved to the point of being able to see her ribs, but she was still friendly.

When officers approached the dog, it didn’t take long to discover that she was “extremely sweet.” This photo of her held tight by Officer Freeman shows how trusting she was of complete strangers.

The dog was found near West 29th Street and Barnes Avenue


The dog was found near the corner of West 29th Street and Barnes Avenue in Indianapolis. Though officers are still curious as to whether the dog has a home (cropped ears prove that she has been owned at some point), they are more concerned with getting her the medical attention she requires.

When the IMPD contacted Animal Control, they received no response for quite some time. Luckily for the stray dog, officers offered to meet Animal Control workers at a local veterinarian. This ensured that she not only received medical care, but was handled properly – many pit bull type dogs are euthanized upon arrival at Animal Control Centers in America.

IMPD Officers have offered to adopt the dog as their own.


In a post by the IMPD, officers described that the dog has already received interest from potential adopters, as a couple officers have offered to give the dog a place to call home.

It looks like this girl won’t have to spend anymore time on the streets!

Thanks, IMPD for rescuing this sweet dog! We hope she settles into her furever home soon.

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