These Celebrity Dogs Are Busy Giving Pit Bulls A Good Name

Appropriately named “The Whitest Pups You Know,” Beebs, Stache, and Jax have become quite the celebrities amongst the dog world. With over 108K followers on Instagram, they are essentially a household name. But can you blame them?

The Whites are possibly the cutest pups you ever did see, and their mom, Kelsey, takes the most pawsome photos! We were fortunate to have an interview with the Whites’ mom, and learn all about what makes these dogs unique!

Beeb’s Story

“My friend Manya posted Beebs’s shelter photo on Facebook along with a caption stating that she was on her way to pull this little girl as her newest foster. I immediately fell in love as soon as I saw her photo and was begging to puppy sit Beebs, if she ever needed it, as I didn’t think I would be able to adopt her. My mom had always been terrified of big dogs, let alone bully breeds.

When Manya brought Beebs over for a visit, it was the first dog that Simon [our elderly dog] was totally fine with. He even laid next to her during that first visit, and that had never happened with another dog before. She was so calm even as a puppy that he felt comfortable around her.

My mom saw how well they were doing, and made me a deal that if I took my drivers test at the age of 23 then I could adopt Beebs. I have social anxiety and hate driving. With Beebs as my co-pilot I was able to practice enough to take and pass my driving test.”

Baby Beebs after adoption (left) and Baby Stache on his Freedom Ride (right)


Stache’s Story

“About six months later [after Beebs was adopted] my Dad decided that he wanted to get a Beebs of his own, but a male. He sent me a PetFinder link, and it was little Stache! He was located in Ohio at the Shelby County Animal Shelter. We sent in our application and was approved the same day. So, the next day Mom and I made the road trip to go pick him up with Beebs.

As soon as they brought him out, Beebs and him hit it off instantly. Play fighting, rolling all over – it was the cutest. When we got him in the car to go home, he [pooped] in the backseat and had the biggest grin on his face. Mom said she knew he was going to be our little sh*t, and she was right!”

The Whites Family Portrait featuring Baby Jax (left)


Jax’s Story

“A year after we adopted Stache, we started looking for a Dogo who was good with other dogs. We didn’t have any luck on PetFinder or AdoptAPet for months. My friend told me to look on Craigslist, just incase any were being rehomed, and sure enough we found Jax in Illinois!

Jax ended up being the perfect fit for our family. Beebs is getting older and not wanting to play as much, and Stache still wants to go go go. So, Jax makes the perfect play mate for him, and they both wear each other out.”

The Whites have grown from pound puppies into doggy models!


Were the Whites your first rescue dogs? What brought your attention to rescue?


My friend Manya, who I knew from high school, was fostering pit bull type dogs from shelters or dogs that she found on the street. I got to meet her rescue pups, and fell in love.”

Stache loves his big sister Beebs.


How would you describe the benefit of rescuing? How has it changed your life?

“They saved me completely. Before I adopted Beebs, I would rarely leave my house except to go to work. I would never drive, and I never thought I ever would. I would never get out and do anything unless I had someone with me. I still struggle, but with her I can go to parks with just us, go to dog events, pet stores, and meet new people.

Stache and Jax make it impossible to be sad around them! You can be in the worst mood, and, as soon as Stache starts barking for a blanket or Jax starts whining/talking, you just can’t help but laugh.”

The Whites make the perfect pack!


Do you have any advice for potential rescue parents?

“Just go slow. It’s normally very stressful for a dog to be in a shelter or a new place with strangers. So, you often won’t see their true personality until they’ve gotten comfortable. Just like any other dog, if you give them time, love, and understanding, they will be capable of anything.

The first time you see your rescue dog have fun and let loose, it will make you so happy. It makes it all worth it!”

Jax is the King of Derp.


Have you found that you and the Whites are discriminated against because of their appearance?

“I’m not a fan of every bully breed being considered a pit bull type dog. It helps fuel Breed Specific Legislation and gets more dogs taken away or put down.

We’ve had a few run ins with people being afraid or flat out rude because of Beebs being a pit bull type dog, or because Stache and Jax look like one to the people who don’t know breeds, but I don’t let it bother me. I figure getting defensive, and being rude back, only gives them more reason to believe what they hear on the news.

If they’re open to learning about how all dogs are individuals, regardless of breed, I’m more than happy to introduce them and show them that [these dogs are] not what they think.”

The pups spend most of their summer chilling in the pool.


How do you believe social media benefits dog rescue aid?

“I think it shows the reality of whats it’s actually like to own rescue dogs, or bully breeds. Not what you only see on the news, and all of the bad stories. It allows people to see them as normal dogs, just like any other pet.

People sometimes think that all rescue dogs are damaged, and that’s why they got put there in the first place. But that can’t be any further from the truth! I think social media also helps reach people, who had no idea about the severity of our pet overpopulation issue, and why it’s so important to not become another backyard breeder.”

Seriously, look at his face.


What is your favorite thing about each of the dogs?

“I love how Beebs is so kind to everything. Baby birds, bunnies, horses, rats, cats, etc. She sees a friend in everything!”

Beebs is gentle and kind, finding a friend in all animals.


“I love how Stache is Mr. Wiggles with an attitude. Absolutely loves the ladies, will smother them with kisses all while wiggling all over the place. But if you don’t do what he wants, he will let you know. No blanket on the couch where he wants to lay? He will bark until you get up and put one there!”

The Whites put most models to shame. Look at that composure!


“I love how Jax is the biggest baby and derp. He throws hissy fits, when his brother doesn’t want to play, with all four feet in the air and the loudest whines. He’s so vocal! He will always let you know how he’s feeling by telling you all about it. He’s constantly running into things and tripping over nothing. He’s not graceful at all.”

Beebs has a special connection with her mom, Kelsey.


Do you have any advice for pet parents on taking good photos for social media?

“Just have fun and be patient! Don’t be afraid to look weird by getting in uncomfortable positions and making ridiculous noises to get the shot. It usually pays off!”

The Whites are a true success story!


Thank you to Kelsey for teaching us all about the Whites, and for showing the world how wonderful these dogs can be.

And a special thanks to Beebs, Stache, and Jax for being the cutest pups ever!

You can check out The Whites’ online store for pawsome products.

All photos by Kelsey and The Whitest Pups You Know

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