The Pit Bull That Changed The Face Of Dangerous Dogs Through Comedy Has Passed Away

After a long battle with illness, Scout the pit bull said his final goodbye.

Scout, the charismatic “viking dog” behind Stuff on Scout’s Head, has tragically passed away.

Scout wasn’t a typical pit bull. With thousands of followers on social media, he was an icon, a visionary, a published author, and a household name for bully advocates. He was a great ambassador for his breed, and spent his days spreading awareness of just how wonderful, loving, caring, kind, and patient pit bull type dogs can be. After a long battle with illness, Scout said his final goodbye on June 29th.

Stuff on Scout's Head

Scout wasn’t always a fortunate pup. Before he met his best friend Jen, Scout was neglected, mistreated, underfed, and abandoned by his previous owner. Once Jen rescued him, he strived to break the negative stereotype of “damaged” rescues and bully breeds. Together, they accomplished exactly that.

Through the power of humor, Scout and his mom took the internet by storm with their social media accounts, showcasing the loyalty and patience pit bull type dogs possess. Their accounts featured photos of Scout patiently balancing objects of all shapes and sizes on his “very flat (and kissable) head.”

Stuff on Scout's Head

The duo fought hard to spread awareness of the negative effects of Breed Specific Legislation, even balancing a few signs on Scout’s head. Residing in Ontario, where pit bull type dogs are forbidden, Scout and Jen were faced with breed discrimination often, and understood the true struggles of BSL.

In 2014, Scout and his mom even published a book titled “Lessons in Balance: A Dog’s Reflections On Life.” The book featured Scout’s “pithy and humorous wisdom about navigating life’s highs and lows to achieve balance and mindfulness.”

Stuff on Scout's Head

“He had a knack for bringing people together.” – Jen Gillen

After learning of Scout’s passing, Bullies In Need, an Ontario based rescue group, posted a touching tribute in memory of Scout and his efforts:

We are heartbroken to hear about the passing of our friend Scout from Stuffonscoutshead. Jen Gillen & Scout were a dynamic duo out there changing minds one item on his head at a time. Scout was famous but never had an ego, he was happy to be showing off his talents and making new friends from all over the world. Appeared on TV shows, had a book published and still made time to remember his ” rescue dog roots” and collect and donate food & items to some lucky rescue groups in Ontario. Scout and Jen were active in the Fight on BSL and Ontario lost a great breed ambassador. Rock the Bridge Scout, you have some groupies waiting for ya!” – Bullies In Need

Many others took to the group’s social media to express their heartbreak during this difficult time, and to share healing words with Scout’s family and friends.

Stuff on Scout's Head

Jen, along with the rest of Scout’s family, thanked their friends and followers for all the love and support they’ve received over the years, and left us with one final message:

“Without Scout I wouldn’t have had the chance to get to know so many of you and for that alone I am so thankful. He had a knack for bringing people together. Celebrate Scout’s life by saving one just like him; speak out about how barbaric and outdated Breed Specific Legislations are; kiss your Pitties on their noses for us today; don’t judge a dog by their breed; recognize dogs up for adoption aren’t broken! I could have never met a more perfect dog for me. He was a poster dog for what I believed in, together we made it possible to give back to causes I believed so strongly in. I wouldn’t be in such a good shape today if I didn’t have such an amazing crew of friends supporting me. It was the best little send off a Viking could have asked for.” – Jen Gillen

Though Scout is no longer with us, his memory and legacy will live on in the hearts of thousands of fans. The message he shared, with the help from his loving mom, is one that will not be forgotten. As friends of Scout, we will spread his wisdom, and practice the patience he taught us throughout his humorous, meaningful life.

Rest in Peace, Scout. We love you.

Stuff on Scout's Head

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