The Most Instagrammable Dog Parks in Toronto

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The benefits of bringing your pup to a dog park range from better socialization to enhanced learning ability (getting creative with dog park play can allow you to teach an old dog new tricks!) Your dog park trips don’t have to benefit just your pup, though. Capture the memories you make and share your new discoveries on the gram – other dog owners in your network will be happy to discover some aesthetic new spots. Here are 5 that will inspire you to buy a new camera.

Cherry Beach Leash Free Dog Park (enter at 255 Cherry St)

The best dog park in the city? Many say so. For one thing, there’s nothing better than getting your feet on some sandy beach in the summer (esp. when it doesn’t involve a road trip). Second, the secluded area along the shoreline right by the Portlands isn’t just a literal breath of fresh air, but a reminder of how stunning our small pockets of green space really are. Prepare for photo ops aplenty – you’ll want to make this one a day trip to soak in all that sun.

High Park Off-leash Dog Area (enter at 1873 Bloor St. West)

For wide open spaces with lots of trail options, the High Park off-leash park is a beautiful west-end option. There’s 8.5 acres of space dedicated for dogs, which is abundant with greenery and ponds (it could look like you’re in Northern Ontario to a gram onlooker). Head to the area between the Grenadier Restaurant and the High Park zoo and you’ll find a main hill meeting place. Start there and go exploring.

David Crombie Park (131 to 171 The Esplanade at Lower Sherbourne St)

There’s a totally sumptuous heart-hands mural on a single-walled basketball court in this park, with a stellar view of the city skyline just beyond (peep the #davidcrombiepark hashtag). David Crombie is well-mainted 1.6 hectare park just south of Front, between Jarvis and Berkeley Street, with a fenced-in area for your pup to run free (off-leash hours are from 6 – 8 AM and 5 – 11 PM). If you’re in the St. Lawrence area for work or just love the market, make this dog-park your go-to. 

Don Valley Brick Works (550 Bayview Ave)

25 mins from Castle Frank station you’ll find two fenced-in off-the-leash areas and a network of scenic trails in the beautiful Brickworks. If you always say you’re going to make it out this summer but never do, now you have an additional pull. The spot is built on a former quarry and boasts sweeping views of the city. Take the bus down a Saturday or Sunday, visit the Evergreen Brickworks Market and soak in the community vibe.

Berczy Park (35 Wellington St E)

You won’t find an off-leash area here where your pup can necessarily run free here, but Berczy Park is a dog park in one sense of the word. The 3,606 square metre public space is home to 28 sculptures of dogs (and just one cat) as a sort of homage to man’s best friend. The whimsical cast-iron fountain here, with a painted pug, a boxer, a beagle looking up at a golden bone spitting water makes it worth the visit alone. Make the trip this summer and photo document your visit. 

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