Studies Show: Dogs Have Been Man’s Best Friend For Much Longer

Who knows if we were meant to be dog-owners?

Some researchers say that the original idea of canine companion-hood was birthed from the domestication of wolves in Europe. Other studies have argued that dogs were first domesticated in Central Asia, while a new study claims that both of these theories could be correct.

While only being a hypothesis, genetic and archaeological records show that dogs did indeed live in Ireland around 5000 years ago. DNA taken from European dogs show that they may have lived there anywhere from 3000-14,000 years ago. The proof of this dog DNA was able to be matched to 685 existing dog types.

Through this examination, it is believed that dogs have been companions to humans at differing times, and in separate parts of the world. They may have started in Asia, but traveled with humans to other parts of the world, inter-breeding and populating the land where they arrived.

Were dogs meant to be our companions from the start?
Were dogs meant to be our companions from the start?

The facts of this case have been stressed amongst different studies, and have proven one thing: everyone is kind of right.

The only question that remains is – did humans decide to domesticate dogs, or not?

Who really knows if we were meant to be dog-owners?


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