Stray Dog Rescued By Australian Tourist Finds Her Forever Home

This lucky dog got her second chance at life when an Australian tourist gave her the opportunity of a lifetime. Check out this heartwarming video, and Chance's happy ending!

Earlier this month we posted an article featuring an Australian man who raised thousands of dollars to rescue a stray dog while he was on vacation. Jacob Welsh is not only a hero to the dog, now named Chance, but he may just be one of the nicest humans on the planet.

In an update posted to his Facebook wall, on September 9, Jacob Welsh announced that Chance would not be returning to Australia with him.

As heartbreaking as this is, I know this is the right decision for her sake.

Jacob Welsh swims with stray dog, Chance, on the island of Corfu.


As Jacob was campaigning to raise money for Chance’s rescue and transportation, he was “bombarded with offers” from people wishing to adopt Chance. While in Greece, another traveller told Jacob the story of their family in the UK. The family had recently lost their Labrador, and were interested in giving Chance a new home in England, where she would be safe.

I luckily met a family in Greece, who told me the story of their family member in the UK, and I knew it was the perfect home for her!

Though he couldn’t be more thrilled for Chance to have a real family, Jacob Welsh described the decision to rehome her in England as being one of the hardest decisions of his life.

To get her to Australia would mean she would be getting tested and quarantined. Not to mention the long flight back, all of which would be putting her under unfair stress and trauma. Therefore, it would take over 7 months before she could begin her new life. She has been through a rough time as it is.

Jacob describes the situation further in his Facebook post.

Jacob Welsh – Facebook


Jacob and Chance formed an unbreakable bond during their time together in Greece. He is devastated to be separated from her, but he knows that she will be able to live the life she deserves with her new family.

This was never about me. It was about making sure Chance didn’t have to spend another night on the streets

Jacob Welsh sits with Chance on the beach


Thanks to all the generous donations from around the world, more than enough money was raised to safely transport Chance to her new home. The extra funds donated to Chance will be refunded to their original owners.

Jacob asks that if anyone would like to donate money towards other worthy charities, that they consider CARE Corfu and Corfu Animal Welfare.

Jacob Welsh – Facebook


Along with this heartwarming post, Jacob Welsh uploaded a video documenting his and Chance’s journey together. This video shows the true connection they have, as well as all the effort Jacob has put into helping Chance trust humans again.

I’m so happy I could help, because she is so beautiful.

Watch as this once scared, shy dog is transformed into a kind, beautiful family member.

Congratulations, Chance! Good luck in your new home. 


Jacob Welsh – Facebook

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