Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog? Here’s What to Do.

6 Tips to help your dog feel more comfortable in hotel rooms!

More and more lately, hotels across the world are becoming increasingly pet friendly. In the event that you are traveling with your dog and need a place to crash, here are some tips that can help you to make the occasion easier on your pet!

Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog? Here's What to Do.

Step 1. Get them used to elevators before your trip

If you live in a detached home and your dog is not yet familiar with elevators, it can be a scary thing to learn in an already stressful situation. Getting your dog comfortable in an elevator before leaving for your vacation will allow your dog to feel more comfortable in his surroundings and save you both the time of taking the stairs.

Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog? Here's What to Do.

Step 2. Hide treats to familiarize the room

Once you arrive to your hotel, hiding treats in different areas of the space will help your dog get a better feel for the room. A great mental exercise for them is to begin by holding your pup in the washroom so he cannot see you, and then start to hide the treats. Once you allow your dog out of the confined space, use an excited tone to encourage your dog to sniff around for his goodies!

Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog? Here's What to Do.

Step 3. Take short trips away from your dog

If you are planning to leave your dog in the room for a few hours while you do some canine-free exploring of the city you’re in, it’s best to make sure that your dog is OK being left alone. Once your dog is settled in the room, take a few short trips out, increasing the time spent away from each other exponentially each time. Asking your hotel neighbor if he was quiet in your absence can also be a good idea, and making sure he is rewarded for doing so will definitely help you both!

Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog? Here's What to Do.

Step 4. Exercise your dog more than normal

If your dog is to be quiet and on his best behavior while left alone, one of the easiest ways to ensure that he is, is to set him up for success. Before heading out for the day, try taking your dog on his own little adventure, taking in the sights and sounds of the city, and going on a longer walk than normal. Chances are, he will work himself up getting excited about all there is to see that he will sleep the day away once you get back!

Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog? Here's What to Do.

Step 5. Give your dog an activity to do while you’re gone

Giving your dog something like a Kong toy with frozen peanut butter or yogurt to work on while you are away, will distract him into thinking that less time has passed. Other distractions can include but are not limited to filling up active-play treat balls and leaving the television or radio on.

Staying in a Hotel with Your Dog? Here's What to Do.

Step 6. Check in on your pup

Sure, you couldn’t leave your dog at home so you took him on vacation with you! But if you are planning dozens of activities for your trip, you may not be able to check in with your dog in person as often as you’d like. Depending on how much technology you plan on bringing with you, setting up a surveillance or video system such as Skype or FaceTime will allow you to monitor your pooch instead of running back to the hotel.

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