Rick Springfield Reaffirms His Dog Obsession And Wins Fans’ Hearts With Adorable Photo Evidence

This dog loving rock star admits he's "always happiest meeting a new dog."

Rick Springfield may be a musical icon, but he is also a dog fanatic in the truest form. Many of his fans remember the “Working Class Dog” album cover, featuring his beloved bull terrier, Ronnie. This 1981 hit record showed Springfield’s dedication and love for his furry friend and sparked a trend for the breed.

Rick Springfield was rarely seen without dogs. When Ronnie passed away, he welcomed Gomer into his life, who he claims was his soulmate.

I’d much rather hang with dogs than people – I’m just really passionate about animals.

The Working Class Dog album cover featured Rick Springfield’s bull terrier, Ronnie.


Rick Springfield often meets dogs that remind him of his own, as fans have been known to bring their dogs to meet and greets, backstage, or pre-show events. Neither the pups or Springfield seem to mind!

I’m always happiest meeting a new dog.

Rick Springfield often meets fans’ dogs before and after shows. He never turns down an opportunity for a good bully hug!


On August 27, 2016, Rick Springfield was waiting backstage for his show in Myrtle Beach, Carolina, when he met his cutest, most cuddly fan.

Springfield posted these photos on his Facebook page, touching the hearts of millions of devoted listeners, and dog lovers alike.

Hugging a dog is like hugging God, to me, one of the times my darkness goes away is when I play with dogs and hug a dog.

This lucky pup met Springfield before his concert in Myrtle Beach last week.


The two seemed to hit it off immediately.


He really is happiest meeting a new dog!


What a lucky pup!

If you weren’t a Rick Springfield fan before, we can guarantee you are one now! Anyone who loves dogs this much is good in our books.

Keep current with Springfield’s most recent doggy love affairs by following him on Facebook.

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