Rescue Dogs to Act as Ball Boys During the Brasil Tennis Open

For the second year in a row, the Brasil Open will showcase six rescue dogs who are looking for their forever homes.

The Brasil Open starts next week in Sao Paolo, Brasil, featuring some of the best players in the tennis world, with semi-finals and finals taking place on March 6 and 7. And for the second year in the row, those competing in that round of the tournament will share the spotlight with some special furry friends.

In 2016, The Brazil Open made headlines by replacing ball boys with adorable rescue pups (called DogDolls by organizers) looking for their forever homes. And they’re back at it this year – showcasing 6 energetic pups who have all been recently rescued from abandonment.

One of 2016’s DogDolls in action

In a release, the event’s organizer, Madalena Spinazzola, explains, “By bringing the DogDolls to the courts, we again want to show the public that dogs waiting for a home only need high-quality affection, care and nutrition. No matter what their origin or age, when they are loved and fed properly can be wonderful companions, play, learn new things and accomplish great deeds.”

2016’s initiative was also incredibly successful, with every dog who participated finding their forever home after the tournament finished.

Besides, who better to chase after a tennis ball than a dog?

A dog with a job
A dog with a job
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