Police Officers Pay For Dog’s Vet Bill After Heroically Saving His Owner From A Gunfight

This dog was shot while rescuing his owner from a gun fight. Police have now offered to pay his vet bills.

Felony, a mastiff/Shar Pei cross, is making headlines after heroically saving his owner from a gun fight.

The 10 month old pup happened to be in the right place at the right time, when his owner got caught up in a gun battle around 1 a.m. on August 25, 2016 in the town of Dorchester, Massachusetts. When police officers arrived on the scene, it was clear to see that Felony was in need of medical attention.

“He was limping, and you could tell he had obvious signs of distress. He was panting and drooling,” said Officer David Lanteigne.

The officers believe that Felony protected his owner, who was lucky to avoid any injury, unlike an 18 year old girl, who was shot during the incident.

That dog put himself in front of his owner and took a bullet for him.

Felony was shot while saving his owner from a gunfight on August 25.


Felony was rushed into emergency surgery at a local animal hospital, where he incurred a large vet bill. The estimate has been set at roughly $5,000.

His owner, who remains anonymous, was unable to pay for the surgery, fearing that he may lose his beloved dog. Fortunately for the generosity of strangers, Boston Police Department officers, David Lanteigne, Brian Smith, and their supervisor, Sgt. Tommy Brooks offered to pay for Felony’s surgery.

Without hesitation, Sgt. Brooks placed his credit card on file at the veterinary hospital, and the others agreed to split the costs, to ensure that Felony receive the medical treatment he needed.

Felony’s owner was “surprised and grateful.”

I think he was shocked. He definitely wasn’t expecting it

Officer Lanteigne spoke about Felony as a hero, and offered to pay for his surgery.


Officer Lanteigne’s motivation for helping Felony was personal, as he has a connection with heroic animals.

His own mother was rescued by their family pit bull, Lilly, after falling unconscious while intoxicated in 2012. She landed in the middle of the train tracks in Shirley, Massachusetts. Bystanders watched as Lilly dragged Lanteigne’s mother away from the tracks, saving her from being hit by an oncoming train. Unfortunately, Lilly was struck herself. She suffered multiple injuries which required surgery, including the installment of a steel plate in her pelvis.

She saved my mother, but Lilly, our dog, was hit by the train. She ended up needing full amputation of her arm.

The Massachusetts SPCA, along with the help of complete strangers, raised enough money to cover Lilly’s vet bills, ultimately saving her life. Officer Lanteigne started a non-profit organization called Lilly The Hero Pit Bull to help dogs like her and Felony.

Officer Lanteigne founded the Lilly The Hero Pit Bull non-profit organization to help dogs like Felony.


Felony has a long road to recovery, which will require frequent medical care. Officers David Lanteigne, Brian Smith, and Sgt. Tommy Brooks, as well as other generous Boston Police Department officers need help raising money towards Felony’s bills.

If you would like to donate towards Felony’s surgeries and recovery, please visit Lilly The Hero Pit Bull.

You can learn more about Felony and his story here!

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