Police Officers Clean Up Dog Covered In Motor Oil

This pooch needed a pretty intense bath after her owner tried to treat her skin with motor oil!

Many pet parents have home remedies for minor illnesses and irritations. Often times, pup parents will opt to use natural ingredients before they consult a veterinarian on their dog’s issues, and their method proves to be completely harmless. However, there are a few urban legends that have created quite the issue for family dogs over the past years.

Luckily, Ghetto Rescue FFoundation and the Los Angeles Police Department are here to educate and help pet parents take better care of their dogs.

This sweet pup belongs to a family who loves her dearly, and only wanted the best for her. When she started experiencing some skin difficulties, they turned to old fashioned home remedies to help clear the issue up. Unfortunately, the information they received about this “trick” was more harmful than good.

The family attempted to wash their dog with motor oil to kill any bad bacteria on her skin. Assumingly, they had heard this trick from a friend or family member, who they trusted. The results were disastrous.

When Ghetto Rescue FFoundation was alerted to the poor, oil covered dog, they knew she needed help.

This sweet girl, who’s name is unknown, needed GRFF’s help after her family tried to wash her in motor oil.


Many people use motor oil as an old home remedy for skin issues with dogs. We have seen it for years!

Ghetto Rescue FFoundation is run by volunteers, who also happen to be LAPD officers. Two officers stumbled upon this sweet dog and her family on August 25, 2016, who desperately needed medical attention for their dog.

They brought the dog and her family to theĀ North Figueroa Animal Hospital, where she was bathed, checked over, and treated for her skin issues.

We assist, educate, and don’t judge. Many people really don’t know what to do.

The Officers and volunteers of Ghetto Rescue FFoundation only aim to educate and help where they can. They pass no judgement on the pet owners they assist and only wish to aid them in better care for their animals.

Lucky for this sweet girl and her family, Ghetto Rescue FFoundation paid the $56.00 vet bill themselves to ensure her health and to help out the family.

Please donate to help GRFF save more dogs!


Ghetto Rescue FFoundation is completely volunteer based, and runs on donations. If you would like to help more dogs like this one, or the thousands of other dogs GRFF has rescued, please donate.

You can read more about Ghetto Rescue FFoundation in our feature article!

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