Police Officers Are Doing This To Protect Their K9 Coworkers

This awesome gadget will save the lives of our K9 friends on the force!

Every year, dozens of dogs are killed by being left in hot cars, including police K9 unit dogs.

Whether planned or unexpected, police officers have to leave their canine coworkers in the vehicle before and after investigations. This can often lead to tragedy, as the dogs may be forgotten during a time of stress, or lapse in judgement. Just a couple of months ago, a Belgian Malinois named Inka was left in her handler’s patrol car for hours. She died from heat stroke.

Incidents like this strike communities, dog lovers, and dog parents with grief, as the loss is so senseless and avoidable. That’s why Ace K9 invented an unbelievable device that will change K9 units forever.

The K9 Heat Alarm Pro will save dozens of dog’s lives!


Ace K9 has a line of devices that not only monitor temperature, but can take control of the police vehicle’s alarm system in the event of an emergency.

The K9 Heat Alarm Pro is an intelligent system that monitors the temperature of the police vehicle while the canine is inside. If it detects that the temperature has reached the maximum safe temperature -set by the handler- the system will take over the alarm functions of the car. The horn will honk, the light bars will flash, the alarm will sound, the fan will power on, and the rear windows will automatically roll down. The alarm will not stop until it is manually turned off by the police officer.

The K9 Heat Alarm Pro is programmed to automatically power up when the ignition is turned on, and will not power down until manually shut off by the officer. Once powered down, the system will sound and read “SHUTTING DOWN! REMOVE K-9!” If the vehicle is simply turned off without powering down the K9 Heat Alarm Pro, it will continue to run and monitor the vehicle for the dog.

The Hot-N-Pop Pro is even more impressive!


In addition to the K9 Heat Alarm Pro, there is the Hot-N-Pop Pro! This system has all the same features of the K9 Heat Alarm Pro, but also includes the K9 Door Popper. The K9 Door Popper system is designed to open the rear doors of the police car. Combining this with the functions of the K9 Heat Alarm Pro, Ace K9 has created the ultimate dog protection system.

Once the temperature inside the car reaches the maximum safe temperature –set by the handler- the horn will honk, the light bars will flash, the alarm will sound, the fan will power on, the rear windows will roll down, and the rear doors will open. That’s one elaborate gadget! 

This device works identically to and contains the same features as the K9 Heat Alarm Pro, meaning that it cannot be turned off by accident. The only way these systems can fail is if the electronics in the car fail. If battery power is a concern, the alarm will also monitor the voltage, and sound when the car battery is running low.

All K9 unites should have one of these!


The “No K9 Left Behind” feature can be added for extra precaution. This feature is activated when the car is powering down. When the device is shutting down, it will sound and read “NO K9 LEFT BEHIND! OPEN DOOR AND REMOVE K9!” The device will not turn off until the rear door of the vehicle is opened and closed again. If this is not performed correctly, the device will continue to monitor the car for the dog.

Ace K9 has other gadgets as well, designed to protect K9 unit dogs from being left in hot cars. You can visit their website HERE.

These devices are priced between $700 – $1200, but are worth every penny! If you believe these gadgets are great, please share this information with your local police force to protect the lives of their canine coworkers.


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