Here’s What It’s Really Like To Live With A Pit Bull

If you're a pit bull parent, you can relate to these!

Living with a pit bull isn’t always a walk in the park. Pet friendly rentals are hard enough to find without every potential landlord thinking your dog is a man eating menace. The internet is filled with anti-pit bull and pro-pit bull articles -many written by myself- but what most lack is the middle ground. What is it actually like to live with a pit bull?

Each breed has their own identifying characteristics that people associate them with, but, unless you have personally had a pit bull in your home, you have no idea.

So, here’s what it’s really like to live with one. The good, the bad, and the smelly!


1. Pit Bulls Have Two Modes: Go and Dead

There are many speculations that pit bulls are either very energetic, or unbelievably lazy. However, both are true! Pit bulls are well known for their “Can’t Stop; Won’t Stop” attitudes, whether it be zoomies, or sleeping until their owner is legitimately concerned for their well-being. Either way, there’s no “normal dog” middle ground when you have a pit bull, nor is there a transition period.

That’s right! Pit bulls will stop full gallop and flop into instantaneous nap time.

Classy and Gassy


2. They Fart… ALL THE TIME

No matter what you feed your pit bull, he will fart. Not only will he fart, but it will be constant, and he will gas out your entire vehicle, room, or house.

Pit bulls fart when they sleep, eat, run, play, walk, sit down, shake a paw, jump on the bed, and when you make eye contact with them. This foul odor is quite possibly the worst smelling concoction on the planet, and you will never get used to it.

The reason why bully breeds fart so much is rumoured to be connected with their wide grinned, mouth breathing. They look goofy, and they smell worse!

Pit bulls can be demanding!


3. Pit Bulls Aren’t Afraid To Voice Their Opinion

Have you ever argued with a dog? Well, every pit bull parent in history has.

At first, the pit bull groans, whines, and grunts are “adorable,” but then they turn into full blown back talk. Yes, pit bull parents actually find themselves arguing with their dogs. Usually regarding food or going outside. 

They are like the mouthy teenagers of the dog world. Imagine a husky mixed with a hippo. 

Say goodbye to your precious beauty sleep!


4. They Make The Best And The Worst Snuggle Buddies

Pit bulls are famous for their snuggling expertise, and many people want nothing more than to snuggle a bully. There truly is nothing better than getting cozy with your furry best friend. Wrapping your arms around them, giving them a big squeeze – who needs human relationships when you can cuddle your dog? 

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase wears off very quickly. Your pit bull will eventually realize that he has you wrapped around his little paw, and there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s when it will happen. He will steal your bed.

Not only will he become the single worst bed hog in existence, but he will actually make you feel bad for asking him to move over. Whether your bully is 40lbs or 80lbs, he or she -ladies are not innocent here- will manage to successfully cover 95% of your bed.

For lucky bully parents like me, your little menace will have the nerve to kick you and growl until you move out of the way. Yes, my dog is a monster. 

Take a look at this tough guy.


5. Most Pit Bulls Are Huge Scaredy Cats

Almost everyone has seen the video of the pit bull tiptoeing past his scary cat brother. Well, that is a 100% accurate representation of most pit bulls. Pit bulls are not known for bravery! That is a huge misconception, that gets a lot of them into trouble. In reality, they are oversized, furry babies.

The main issue with pit bulls is that they are very emotional creatures. They feel everything so deeply, and they let their emotions get the best of them. Think of a pit bull as a moody teenager, and it will all make sense.

Any dog may act tough out of fear, which is often misconstrued as bravery or aggression.

Pit bulls don’t take anything too seriously.


6. They Are Ridiculous Creatures, No Joke

When you first welcome a pit bull into your home, especially puppies, the adjustment period may seem strange to you. They will always look confused, but oddly happy about it, and they will start to do really strange things. Then you will realize that they are doing strange things because that’s just who they are, and you are stuck with them forever.

Have you ever seen a dog wiggling on its back on the floor while snorting and farting and growling all at the same time? That’s an average morning for pit bull parents. The best part is when they suddenly flip over onto their feet, and scramble to chase a shadow or moth or whatever they saw floating on the other side of the room. But, they always stand up too quickly, their legs sliding out from underneath them, causing them to crash their disproportionate floppy bodies onto the floor once again.

Everything pit bulls do is an act of comedic genius, and you will forget all about what regular dogs are like. 

Hide yo’ kids!


7. Pit Bulls Have A Strange Obsession With Children

For some reason that we will never understand, pit bulls are obsessed with children and puppies. They have a gentle nature that is so inherent and admirable. There’s nothing cuter than watching a big pit bull roll around with a tiny puppy. It shatters all stereotypes in the most beautiful way!

Pit bulls and children make adorable partners in crime. However, not everyone is cool with a pit bull licking their child’s face, or approaching them to say hello. This is why training is super important for pit bull type dogs. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still afraid of them, and you can’t allow your dog to approach people without their permission.

The worst pit bull parent struggle in all of this is witnessing the look of pure sadness and betrayal on your pup’s face when he can’t say hi to his new best friend.

Watch the knees!


8. Their Tails Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Who needs a wooden spoon when you can smack someone with a pit bull tail? Seriously, they hurt!

The most conflicting feelings you will ever have in your life stem from the moment you meet a pit bull. You will shower them with your love and they will give you kisses. But then their butt will start to wiggle, and you will have to decide how attached you really are to your shins. Because, once that tail starts, it doesn’t stop, and it’s aiming straight at your legs!

You are too nice of a person to tell them to stop wagging, and they look so cute, but you’re also pretty sure the bone to bone contact has fractured something in your leg, and it’s turning black. But hey – totally worth it!

All you can do is hope and pray that they don’t hurt themselves on objects around the house. Or they may end up like Maisey, the pit bull who was so happy, she broke her tail. 

Are you really gonna go to the bathroom all by yourself?


9. They Are Masters Of Guilt

As we mentioned before, pit bulls are deeply emotional animals, and they can make or break your heart with one soulful stare. Unfortunately, they often use this superpower for evil instead of good.

Pit bulls are the masters of guilt, and they will even make you feel bad for going to the washroom by yourself. Seriously, how dare you?! 

Pit bull parents usually compromise and do everything with their dogs. Seems fair, right?

Just one look into their eyes will have you in love forever.


10. Pit Bulls Will Break Your Heart

There’s an undeniable truth that pit bulls break our hearts. They are truly inspiring, wonderful, and unique creatures that share a deep connection with their owners. Pit bulls are loyal, loving, and become our best friends in life. This is why, regardless of the length of time spent with a pit bull, he will break your heart. You may have never met him, only read a story online, and your heart will crumble.

One day, we will all have to say goodbye to our beloved fur kids, and we will remember what it was like to live with them. The zoomies, the snorts, the snuggles, and yes, even the farts, will all become cherished memories.

Living with a pit bull may not be a walk in the park, but it is a walk we wouldn’t miss for the world.

Original Article by WOA

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  • All so true! I’ve been rescuing pit bulls from shelters for > than 15 years and they have brought me so much joy. I had a female red nose brought up from hurricane Katrina, a dog that’s litter was found in a ditch on Cape Cod and an abused pit at 5 years old whom I got from a shelter that had missing patches of hair, scars on his face and extremely under weight. ALL (the 3 mentioned and more) have been wonderful, loving and loyal. I will mention that I do spay and neuter my dogs and always exercise caution for their safety as well as others

    • Thank you for sharing with us, and for reading our article! We are glad you enjoyed it.
      As well, thank you for rescuing your dogs, and understanding the importance of spay and neuter! If only all dog parents were so responsible. 🙂

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