Dog Comes to Shelter With Handwritten Note From Kid Who Had to Give Him Up

An adorable Boxer brought into the Humane Society of Utah arrived with a notebook filled with information from the heartbroken kid who had him first.

Rhino Lightning, an adorable Boxer who was brought into the Humane Society of Utah last week, arrived with a notebook filled with notes and information from the heartbroken kid who had to give him up.

The family dropping him off let staff know that one of their kids wrote the notebook, hoping to provide the pup’s new family with info on all of the many things they loved about him during the time they had him.

Energetic Rhino was adopted by the family over six months ago, and though they loved him so, they have several small children who would get knocked down when Rhino got excited and wanted to play. Citing his unawareness of his size, the family wanted to stress to the shelter that Rhino is an incredibly loving dog, but just like any other dog, can zoom around and get quite excited when he wants to play.

During the short time the family had him, Rhino clearly made an impact – a quick read through some of the notes sent with him shows that this little boy is heartbroken to let him go, but wants to make sure his new owners know about his quirks, likes, dislikes, and how often to bathe him.


“His full name is Rhino Lightning then your last name. Please don’t rename him,” the boy writes on one of the pages, adding that “his cheeks make a lot of slobbers” and he enjoys “sleeping under blankets”.

He also stresses not to give him any tennis balls, as he will destroy those within a day – although Nerf balls are okay.


But probably the cutest note of all is when the little boy explains that he hopes Rhino is in a good environment, he really misses him, and he “wishes he knew he was a pretty puppy”.


The shelter is now looking for a new home for the three-year-old Boxer, and believes that one with older kids would be ideal, so that they can play with the lively pup without getting knocked over. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Rhino will get a photocopy of the carefully written notebook so that they can learn all about the canine from the little kid who loved him first.

If interested, you can fill out an adoption application here.

Source: Humane Society of Utah

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