Courage The Puppy Was Found In A Box Left For Dead, Now He Needs Our Help

Detroit Pit Crew rescued this puppy from near death, but now he needs life saving surgery.

A broken jaw, severely infected eye, sickness, and injury are all words on the long list of ailments this poor puppy was discovered with. A dog his age should be frolicking in a park, not fighting for his life.

Courage, an appropriately named pit bull mix puppy, was left for dead by his previous owner. A good samaritan found the young dog in a box on the street, and quickly brought him to the Highland Park Police Department in a desperate plea for help. Though it seemed as though there was no hope for this young dog, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue couldn’t let him down.

Detroit Pit Crew received the call on August 29, 2016 about a puppy in dire need of medical care. When they arrived on the scene they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Courage was found in a box on the street August 28, 2016.


Courage, assumed to be a few month old pit bull puppy, had suffered a broken jaw, severely injured and infected eye, swelling of the head, and bloodied ears, as well as numerous injuries plaguing his frail body.

Detroit Pit Crew rushed Courage to the Center Line Veterinary Hospital, where he received immediate medical care. The cause of the swelling on Courage’s head is undetermined, meaning veterinarians have to drain the fluid and investigate further.

He will be getting drain tubes inserted for the fluid on the top of his head and X-rays to determine the damage to his jaw.

Courage has a broken jaw, infected eye, a swollen head, and bloodied ears.


Detroit Pit Crew posted an update on Courage on August 29th stating that he is feeling better than the day before, despite his many ailments. The damage done to his eye may be too great for repair. So, Courage vet’s are preparing him for surgery to have it removed.

We believe his eye is damaged beyond repair and will probably have to be removed. He is receiving pain medication and antibiotics and we will be posting further updates as soon as we get them.

Please donate to help Detroit Pit Crew with Courage’s surgeries and medical bills.


Detroit Pit Crew has started a crowdfunding campaign through YouCaring, where they are asking for donations toward Courage’s lengthy road to recovery. The rescue is volunteer based, and runs on donations, meaning they need our help in order to save Courage’s life. Without these surgeries, he will not make it.

If you would like to join Courage’s fight for life, and stay updated on his progress, please follow Detroit Pit Crew on Facebook, and donate towards their campaign.

A donation in any amount is helpful. Donations can also be called in to Center Line Veterinary Hospital by calling 586-758-5620 or through our PayPal account at


Courage underwent surgery to have the fluid drained from his head on August 29, 2016.


Courage survived surgery to have the fluid drained from his head on August 29. He is currently recovering well and in capable hands. Once he is on the mend, he will be prepped for surgery to repair his broken jaw.

Courage made it through surgery! Although he still needs his jaw repaired todays surgery to drain the fluid on his head went very well.

This X-ray shows Courage’s broken jaw, which will need surgical repair.


Please keep sharing and help Detroit Pit Crew care for this courageous boy! 

1. Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue 2. Campaign on YouCaring

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