Help Your Dog Gain Confidence

“In order to be able to train your dog in the future, you must first assess why they are not as confident as you feel he should be. As they aren’t nearly as capable as communicating how they feel however, you will have to attempt to put yourself in your dogs shoes, and imagine why he could be feeling the symptoms of low self-esteem.”

7 Tips to Help Your Dog with Car Sickness

“One of the worst parts about dog ownership is feeling the guilt of travelling with a pup who is prone to car sickness, and not knowing how to help him out. So we’ve searched far and wide for some tips to make your dog feel a little more comfortable on long-distance drives.”

10 Everyday Items Dogs Are Oddly Afraid Of

When discussing fears, everyones opinions differ on what is rational and what is not. That said, to understand what dogs fear, you almost have to put yourself in the perspective of a small child. Some things, such as garbage trucks, with their scary sounds and enormous stature are totally understandable! While others, such as the ones you will read about below, while common amongst canines, may seem completely absurd to their owners. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are just 10 of the silliest items that are feared by our best friends.