7 Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is A Total Mama’s Boy

There are spoiled pups and then there are total mama's boys. Which one is your guy?

He’s all grown up but your pup still follows you around like a little puppy dog. Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you’re the end-all be-all in his life? Ever wonder if his level of attachment is normal? Here are some signs that your pup is a total mama’s boy.

1. He sleeps on your head or shoulder.

Dog snuggling in bed with girl

Because being in the same room, or even the same bed, is just no longer enough.  He MUST. GET. CLOSER.

2. He has a panic attack if you’re not in sight.

Eskipoo dog keeping a close eye on his mom outside playing

Sure the off-leash beach is his favorite place in the whole world…as long as you don’t get too far away from him. It might look like he’s happily playing with his pals but, do not be fooled! He’s got one wonky eye on you at all times.

3. You can no longer go to the bathroom or take a shower alone.

Cute pug peeking through door

Gone are the days when you had any privacy. Let’s face it – your home is now operating under an open door policy (unless he’s already in the room with you).

4. The only command he’ll always perform is “kisses”.

Dog kissing girl

You’ve taught him every trick in the book and most of the time he’s willing to give a show for the right treat. But, the only thing he always wants to do – treat or no treat – is give you kisses. Can you blame him?

5. He tattletales when his sister sneaks into the nummies.

Dog dressed like a pig stealing bacon treats

His sister is his best friend and he would never do anything to hurt her… but he doesn’t have a problem throwing her under the bus every once in a while if only to highlight his superior behavior. She’s cute but he’s still the cutest, right? And, he deserves allllll the foods.

6. Men aren’t allowed in your house.

Dog watching from the stairs

What? You have men in your life besides Bowie? Nope. He’s not having it. He’ll be sure to throw a temper tantrum, complete with growls, barks, and posturing towards your male friends when they come to visit.

7. You spend ridiculous amounts of money on bespoke dog clothes and make him pose for a million Instagram pics while cooing over how handsome he is.

Spoiled Griff gets breakfast in bed

Let’s face it… Belvie is a mama’s boy because you brought him up to be. The little dude has been spoiled with your love and affection from day 1. He never had a chance. And, you’re both perfectly happy with things just the way they are.

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