7 Things To Help You Pick Out Your Dog’s Name

Trying to think of a unique and meaningful name for your fur-kid? We have some tips on where to find your inspiration.

One of the most fun parts of bringing home a new fur-kid is choosing the perfect name. You likely want it to be something unique – so that it’s only your pup who’ll come running when called at the park. More importantly, you’ll want it to be something meaningful that reflects a bit about you and your dog.

The name you give your dog influences his or her personality and the way that other people interact with him. So choose wisely. Luckily, there are a ton of places to find inspiration.

Here are our top 7 go-tos:

1. Baby naming websites

One of our favorite things are dogs with human names. A doberman named Barbara. A little white morkie named Steve. You just can’t go wrong. Irony always gives people a good chuckle.

Steve the Morkie


2. Your favorite movie characters

I already had my dog for 5 days and had pre-chosen the name Maus before meeting him in person. I kept trying to call him that, but it just wasn’t feeling right; he needed to be bigger. We rented one of my favorite movies of all time – The Neverending Story – on our first lazy Sunday afternoon together and that was it. I knew he was my Luckdragon. And, so he became Falkor. There really is no better name for him.

Falkor the Luckdragon


3. Your favorite literary characters

If you love to lose yourself in stories then I bet you have at least a few characters who you want to live on in your life. Your favorite novels are the perfect playground to suss out a unique name for your new best friend.

Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird


4. Your favorite musician

We all have musicians who hold very special places in our hearts and illicit immediate positive associations from past memories. You get the double effect of a human name and the heartwarming connection.

“We went through a huge list of names for Willie Nelson and he just answered to that one. Plus, because of the stigma surrounding his breed it reeeeeally softens him up to people instantly, they love it!! So in turn it has done him a favor too!” – @chellsbellz

Willie Nelson having all the feels over his new record


5. Your favorite food

They’re so darn cute to begin with that you already want to eat them. So, why not name your new bud after your favorite munchie? The list is endless – Hash Brown, Tater Tot, Pot Roast, Taco… they’re all deeeelicious names!

Hash Brown and Taco are the perfect edible pair


6. Work off a unique trait

Does your dog have one eye? Or three legs? Is he an older rescue and starting to wobble as he walks? Come up with a cute name that plays off the thing that makes them special. It’s a great way to open up lighter conversations about his or her condition as well.

Wobbles aka Mr. Woo turns 13!


7. If you already have a dog, pick a name that plays off of your first dog’s name

Getting another dog? Build on your theme. Add another character from your favorite movie, or move from a solo musician to a jazz duo.

Siouxsie Sioux (from Siouxsie and the Banshees) and Bijou (the name of a Queen song)


A great name (or crew) makes for the perfect conversation starter at the dog park. So, get creative! And, let your passions be reflected through your pup.

Pro Tip: If you haven’t brought your fur-kid home yet, make sure you have at least three names ready to try on. Once you meet your pup, you’ll know exactly which one fits him best. Have fun with it!

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