7 Beautiful Truths That Dog Lovers Know

Are you a dog lover?

As humans, we are almost undeserving of our wonderful canine companions. They are truly incredible animals, who share their entire lives with us unapologetically.

Dog lovers and parents understand the impact dogs have on our lives, and know these beautiful truths.

1. Dogs Are Genuine

Dogs are genuine creatures, and that may be what we love most about them. They are honest with their intentions, and they act on their thoughts and feelings. There’s no worry about crossing friends or double agents. Dogs don’t pretend to be something they’re not.

This is a lot more than we can say for most humans.

7 Beautiful Truths That Dog Owners Know

2. They Are Trusting and Trustworthy

Our dogs trust us. They know that we will care for them, and in return they care for us. We can trust our dogs to be loyal and honest. Dogs don’t second guess your motives, or live in fear of you hurting them. Even dogs who face abuse are trusting of their owners.

The trust and love dogs have for us is something that we should cherish and never take for granted.

7 Beautiful Truths That Dog Owners Know

3. Dogs Have Our Best Interest In Mind

Our dogs will always put us before themselves. They give us the comfy spot in bed, bring us the best toys, and often try to share their treats with us. Our dogs will do whatever they feel necessary to protect us, even if it is from the mailman. 

They just want us to be safe and healthy.

7 Beautiful Truths That Dog Owners Know

4. They Are Pure Happiness

Dogs are the greatest thing on the planet, and anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong.

Dogs make us happy in everything they do. They are our favorite entertainers, and they have a way of doing things that puts a smile on our face. Pup parents know the true happiness dogs provide and share.

Dogs are wonderful.

7 Beautiful Truths That Dog Owners Know

5. Dogs Are Kind And Caring

All dogs are kind and caring, even the ones that are deemed aggressive or vicious. All dogs have love for something or someone, whether it be another dog, animal, or human. Dogs love with their whole heart, and they always have someone to share that with.

A dog’s love is one that is so pure and special.

7 Beautiful Truths That Dog Owners Know

6. We Always Have A Friend In Them

Our dogs will always be our best friends. No matter what!

Dog lovers can rest easy knowing that we will always have a friend in a dog. Even if our dog has passed, or we don’t own one ourselves, any dog can become a friend.

7 Beautiful Truths That Dog Owners Know

7. They Will Always Be With Us

Even after our dogs pass away, their memories and love remain in our hearts. We will never forget our dogs, and we will always promise to live a life they would be proud of.

Our dogs are our role models, our best friends, and our greatest admirers. They will always be with us.


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