6 Perfect Job Titles For Your Pup

Have you ever looked at your dog, seen the mess of toys on the floor and then peered into your wallet only to find that you don’t have any money? If you answered yes to these questions, then you have likely already told your pooch to get off his butt and get a job! But what kind of job should he apply for? Here are some suggestions!

Job Titles Some Dogs Should Have

1. Regional Laundry Warming Specialist

What is it about fresh laundry that your dog just seems to be obsessed with? It could be the cleanliness, the smell of that new detergent you’re using or the straight-out-of-the-dryer warmth, but whatever it is all you know is that your dog, well he’s an expert on keeping clean laundry warm. Now putting it away, on the other hand? Well that is a completely different job description altogether, and we’re just not sure he’s ready for a promotion just yet.

Job Titles Some Dogs Should Have

2. Chief Hair Distribution Officer

Now we aren’t saying that your dog sheds more than the average bear, but if the shoe fits… Scruffy has excellent credentials in the field after all, he is able to distribute not only his hair, but the cats too on just about everything in the home! From the carpet, to the bed, all the way up the curtains, somehow from your favorite suede jacket to your husband’s tux, and your aunt Margaret’s pants when she came over the other day, we’d say he’s an expert!

Job Titles Some Dogs Should Have

3. Yardscaping Supervisor

Does your dog like to dig? Can he often be found tearing up old plants in order for new ones to grow? Does he like to trim hedges on occasion? If your dog is opinionated in that he thinks this plant should be uprooted and moved over there, then don’t delay – have him apply today! Scruffy’s ability to arrange and rearrange flowers of all kinds, among one another is truly beyond his years, and why keep that talent away from the rest of the world?

Job Titles Some Dogs Should Have

4. Head of Mess Development

While some applicants require hours of training in order to learn and master the skills it takes to get a job done right, others are born with it. Ever since your dog was a puppy, he has been working toward this day. Every bone on the floor, every spilled glass of water, each accident was deliberate and now is your dog’s time to shine! So if you’ve ever heard that every dog has his day, then you may want to reconsider hiring a cleaning service today!

Job Titles Some Dogs Should Have

5. Toy Durability Analyst

So he doesn’t mean to brag, but no one knows the insides of a toy better than your dog. After all, he does have a lot of experience in toy testing! Over the years, Scruffy has learned how important it is to completely turn the toys inside out to make sure that they are made of high quality stuffing, no matter how long it takes you! He can tell you which toys are the real deal, and which are knock offs just by looking at them. But he may want to toss them around the yard for a bit first.

Job Titles Some Dogs Should Have

6. Scheduling Manager

OK, admit it, your dog knows your schedule better than you do. He wakes up each day at 6:25 am, a whole 5 minutes before you do, in order to prepare you for the big event. Moving forward throughout the day, Scruffy can tell you exactly when lunch is (or should be) and the ever coveted nap time slot. But every good manager knows that there are tweaks to be made, so don’t be surprised if you have a few more walks inserted into your daily and nightly routines!

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