5 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time In History To Have a Dog

We all know that dogs are the best buddies, but they're also big business. And now is the best time ever to have a pup.

Americans spend approximately $60 billion on their dogs per year, with $5 billion spent on services and products unrelated to vet visits. The demand for pet products is increasing, and the industry is exploding, with new and exciting products hitting the market every day. Here are the top 5 reasons why now really is the best time in history to have a dog.

1. The smart doggy door

SmartDoor from PetSafe


This isn’t your average doggy door. PetSafe has designed a new SmartDoor for your dog, which uses a programmable motion censor so it will only open for your dog. The future!

2. Disposable grass patch

Disposable grass from Fresh Patch


Fresh Patch has created disposable grass! The product, which was featured on the hit show Shark Tank, allows you to own a dog no matter where you live. Now, even dogs who enjoy the high-rise lifestyle can use real grass anytime. Glamorous.

3. Collar GPS

GPS dog tag from Tagg


This product will put your mind at ease. This GPS from Tagg is an easy collar attachment, so you can easily find your pup no matter where he wanders.

 4. Video phone for you and your dog

Video phone from Pet Chatz


There’s now a way for you to keep tabs on your dog from wherever you are! The video phone from PetChatz fits right into a dog cage so you can see your pet while you’re out or away. It’s also a two-way chat, so your dog can see you, too. Pretty sweet.

5. The auto-fetch machine



Feeling guilty about leaving your dog home alone with nothing to do all day? Check out the iFetch. This new machine is an auto-fetch player, so your dog can play all day, even when you’re out. There’s even an adjustable launch distance to suit any size living space!


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