3 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Winter Jacket

While many people scoff at the idea of dressing their dog up, a winter jacket is a necessity for some dogs' comfort when the temps drop below zero.

These days, it seems like people will dress their pups up in just about anything. From sweaters and bow ties, to booties and t-shirts, it seems like us humans are getting a little bit carried away dressing up our canine counterparts. Although some would argue unnecessary, doggie apparel is cute, and if your dog doesn’t have a problem with sporting some fashionable accessories, there’s no reason they can’t be on trend and looking stylish.

However, there is one piece of clothing that is essential to your best friend’s comfort and well-being this season – a winter jacket. While it’s true that some dogs (large breeds, with coats biologically designed to keep them warm) like Huskies, German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, and the like, will overheat with additional clothing added to keep them warm, here’s 3 reasons why your pup might need a winter jacket.

Dog running in the snow
Small, toy breeds, need extra warmth for comfort in the winter months.

1. Your dog is a small breed or has short, thin hair

How warm your dog is able to keep themselves naturally will depend on their breed, size, and hair length. If your dog doesn’t have a heavy hair coat, there’s only so much they can do by themselves to conserve heat.

Not surprisingly, small breeds and toy breeds that are light bodied (think Chihuahuas, Maltese, and Yorkies) are less equipped to deal with the cold and are the ones most likely to need extra insulation. They simply do not produce enough heat to naturally keep their tiny bodies warm. Short haired dogs, along with lean bodied dogs (Frenchies, Whippets, and Greyhounds) tend to shiver quite easily and will enjoy daily exercise and going outside to go to the bathroom a lot more if dressed properly, as they don’t have a significant undercoat to insulate from the cold.

Winter walks, especially in our cold, Canadian climate, can be incredibly uncomfortable for these dogs if they’re not properly dressed. Imagine walking outside in January or February with only a t-shirt on, and then being expected to be comfortable enough to go to the bathroom – then you’ll get an idea of how your pup can feel. If your dog falls into this category, giving them an extra source of warmth will enhance their well-being quite a bit.

dachshund going for a walk
Breeds like Dachshunds have shorter legs, keeping their bodies closer to the ground.

2. Your dog has shorter legs

In addition to smaller breeds and dogs with short hair, dog breeds with shorter legs – such as Corgis, English Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, and Dachshunds – will also benefit greatly from a winter jacket. This is because their bodies are naturally closer to the ground, which means they are in constant contact with cold and can cause their bellies to rub up against snow and ice, and debris to get caught in the fur on their legs and armpits.

Although Corgis can have thicker coats, they will be much more comfortable going for their daily walks if they have a winter jacket on, specifically one with an insulated chest piece than can protect from debris (namely, ice and snow) that they brush up against.

Senior dogs have weaker immune systems and will benefit from extra insulation.
Senior dogs have weaker immune systems and will benefit from extra insulation.

3. You have a senior dog, puppy, or a dog with health issues

Senior dogs will also benefit from a winter jacket during their daily walks. This is because they have weaker immune systems and can easily lead to hypothermia and other health issues when the temperatures dip below zero.

Dogs with known kidney or heart issues, and many other health issues should always wear a sweater or jacket in the winter months, and same goes for puppies, as their bodies and immune systems aren’t strong enough to naturally stand up to the cold weather.


So there you have it – dog jackets and sweaters are more than just a novelty. For many pups, they are a necessity, and essential to their enjoyment and well-being during winter walks. Ensure to always keep an eye on your dog as they get used to their new accessory, and look for signs of over-heating, which can include excessive panting and scratching at the jacket.

And, of course, look no further for the perfect winter jacket for your pup than the 5-Second Dog Parka from World of Angus. 100% Canadian made and filled with goose down, it’s the best winter companion for your best friend!

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