23 People On Some Of The Worst Dog Names They’ve Ever Heard

"Bad" and "good" names are subjective...until you have to shout them across the dog park!

When it comes to naming pets, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes you struggle with it. Sometimes a joke name that seems like a good idea at the time, ends up haunting you later. We asked people what the worst dog name they’ve ever come across was and got some pretty hilarious answers!

This dog is sad because his name is just “dog”

1. Deogie/DiOhGee

The #1 theme in responses were multiple people who’d known dogs named  some variation of “dog”, whether it was in another language, or a phonetic spelling.

I knew a lady who’s friend named their dog Deogie as in the spelling for Dog” – Megan Silva Lucci
“I had a friend who had a deeogie and a seeaytee.” – Kristina Kolonko
 “I’ve actually also met a DiOhGi” – Rachel Romu
I had a friend name their dog Kelev. Which is Hebrew for dog. They literally named their dog, Dog.” – Tami Dacks
And one where they flipped that and reversed it:
I heard of a family who had named the dog – Cat, and the cat – Dog.” – Laura McLean

2. Askem/Asker

Strangely, multiple people had met Dogs (and cats!) named this.

I knew a dog named Askim. As in, ‘What’s your dog’s name?’, ‘Ask him.'” – Al Ridley

A guy at my parents trailer park named his dog “Askem” which apparently prompts people to ask the dog what his name is… apparently it’s ‘funny'” – Kimber Cranston

“I heard about a woman who named her dog “Asker.” As in ‘what’s your dog’s name?’ – Miriam Bernath


3. Sonic Shoelace

Ok, so the rest of these names are just weird one-offs, whereas the first two are the names of multiple dogs:

“When I was 6 and my brother was 5 we got to name our golden retriever. He picked Sonic (the hedgehog) and I picked Shoelace. So our dog’s name was ‘Sonic Shoelace’.” – Danielle Ranch


4. PoopDolla

My friend’s dog’s name is PoopDolla (poop dollar).” – Zane Banyan

5. Allan

“ALLAN. It doesn’t seem like the worst name, but it makes sense when you actually try to picture a dog named Allan and keep a straight face.” – Rachel Romu

6. Stinkerbell

“My friend had a schnauzer named Stinkerbell.” – Darr Starr

7. Dreamstreet

“I once met a lab named Dreamstreet.” – Kelsey Noakes

8. Poopy and…Nazi?!

“At the grooming salon I work for we have a Poopy and have had a Nazi.” – Julia Heinz Vanderpas

9. Chernobyl

I walk a dog named Chernobyl!” – Teresa Fulker

10. Crabcake Benedictt

– Emily Yvonne
What, not eggs benedict?

11. DotCom

I met a DotCom once.” Kayla Mor

12. Cloud

“My boyfriend’s buddy named his husky Cloud. Doesn’t exactly have a ring to it.” – Jenna Mills

13. A plethora of weird names

Laughing, WiFi, Free, S*!tlord, and deeogee (D-O-G). One of the most interesting aspects of working at a veterinary clinic!” – Nataliya Schafer
Hide your kids, hide your WiFi

14. Fancy

 “My sister named her rescue dog from the DR… Fancy… Runner up name was Drama.” – Kimberley Penfold

15. Silly, Willy, Wonderful

“I once met a trio of Malteses named Silly, Willy, and Wonderful.” – Sue Hummel

16. A dog ironically named Daisy

“The scariest dog I ever met was a muscley dog named Daisy. Daisy the killer. I delivered mail to Daisy’s house, so I had much to fear. I still do….Daisy!” – Rachel Acorn

17. The Teds

“I know someone who’s two wiener dogs are named ‘The Teds.’ They don’t actually have individual names!” – Alex Fawkes
I guess both of their names would just be “Ted”

18. Cuddles

Once saw a guy at the dog park screaming his dog’s name angrily because it was running away from him… Its name was ‘Cuddles’” –  Allie Caldwell

19. Stupid

“My dad named our dog stupid, because he missed his old dog Brandy.
But then he fell in love with Stupid and had to deal with her name.
So it got shortened to Stoop… as in ‘come ‘ere Stoop’, or ‘how’s stoop doin’ these days?’ She was a very loved dog till the end of her days.” – Becky Milligan

20. Stain

“I knew someone who named their dog Stain, so when they called their dog to come… It was terrible.” – Adele Thomson 
I know it’s embarrassing, I’m sorry they named you that.

21. Koodo

“I knew a dog named Koodo after the phone company. He was the worst.” – Alex Neary

22. Sooner

As a kid we had a dog who would go out all day (we lived on a farm) and then sh!t on the kitchen floor as soon as he came in the house. His name was ‘SOONER.’ Meaning, ‘sooner sh!t on the floor then outside’ was his full name.” – Lyndsy Ballagh

23. Sponge

I met a dog named Sponge. Found that super weird for some reason. Cool dog though.” – Cynthia Gray


Thanks to everyone from Bunz Petz Zone who submitted their quotes!
Photo resources: 1. cdninstagram 2. @zilkerbark 3. @2countrydachs
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