21 Ways To Tell That You And Your Dog Have Reached Peak #RelationshipGoals

Sometimes it's hard to gauge what point in the evolution of your relationship you're at, so we found 21 ways to tell when you and your dog have reached peak #relationshipgoals.

There are dog owners and then there are dog people. It’s the difference between feeling like you have a pet and feeling like you have a furry family member, or the difference between liking being with your pet and insisting that you do everything together all the time. Like any relationship, sometimes it can take awhile to work your way up from housemates to life-mates.

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge what point in the evolution of your relationship you’re at, so we found 21 ways to tell when you and your dog have reached peak #relationshipgoals.

1. You don’t just take them to work…you share your swivel chair with them.

photo by @moeboxer

And by “share” we mean you let them have pretty much the entire thing and perch awkwardly on the very edge.


2. You can’t even paddle board without them

photo by @PaddyJane

Who wants to go on ocean adventures alone, anyway?


3. When your dog becomes the real star of your online dating profile…

photo by Rochelle Dee

“I’m Abby, a rescued border collie/Aussie shep mix. I love long walkies, treats, chewing on pig ears, hiking and STIIIIIICKS!!!”


4. When you don’t have a car, but you refuse to go anywhere without them so you just take them on public transit.

photo by @tdotpup

All aboard for the DOG PARK!


5. When you start incorporating them into your workouts because a 10lb dog is way more fun to lift than 10lb weights.

photo of @rufiothelostboy by Stephanie Rodrigues


6. When instead of going camping or to music festivals with your friends, you just go on vacation with your dog.

photo by goldie_and_meowla

Who needs Coachella when you can have your own private Poochella?


7. When you’ll hold them like they’re still a puppy…even when they’re as big as you are.

photo of @rufiothelostboy by Stephanie Rodrigues

“What do you mean, I’m ‘not a lapdog’? Here’s a lap, and I’m a dog!”


8. When they are your favorite spooning partner, hands down. Whether they are the big spoon…

photo by @bethleppard_

…or the littlest one.

photo by @kkeitner

9. When you even troll the internet together.

photo by @cassgei

and r/dogshaming is clearly your favorite forum.

10. When you can’t stand to go sightseeing without them.

photo of @leigha_and_rhys by Nicole Sylvia

11. When you get matching chains so your adorable fluffball of a dog can look even half as tough as you do.

photo of @papichulotheyorkie by Juju Castello

Bitch better have their money.

12. When no one else is good enough to be the Donatello to your Michelangelo…

photo by @Jakkitwostep

…or the Sebastian to your Ariel.

photo by @oatmeal_forever

13. When you would always rather sunbathe with them than anybody else.

photo by Miranda Chartrand

14. When you don’t want to disturb their slumber, even if it means asphyxiating on their fur.

photo by @_rpham

Suffocation by dog love seems like not such a bad way to go, actually…

15. When you can’t sing without them chiming in with the harmonies.

photo by @pepperphoenix

“Did you ever know that you’re my HEEEEEEE-ROOOOOO???!!!”

16. When someone asks you what your favorite perfume is and your weirdo brain’s immediate thought is “my dog’s puppy smell!”

photo by @aishalah

~*Eau de Smushyface*~

17. When you guys have “Netflix and Chill” down to an art.

photo of @rufiothelostboy by Stephanie Rodrigues

“What should we watch next? Teen Wolf or All Dogs Go to Heaven?”


18. When your matching outfit game STRONG.

photo by @_moy.moy

“Ok now, turn toward each other and look lovingly into each other’s eyes” *camera shutter* “YAS! Work it, girls!”


19. When there’s no such thing as a selfie of just yourself…your dog is always right there hamming it up with you.

photo by @tanviswar

And you’ve pretty much given up on your own Instagram but you update your dog’s account daily.

20. When you look so similar people stop being able to tell you apart…

photo by Darren Mulder

21. You just cannot bear the thought of being without your dog EVER, so you put them on your body, forever.

photo by @tdotpup





Special thanks to the members of Bunz Petz Zone Toronto for submitting all their amazing photos!

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