20 Dogs Who Are Totally Unimpressed With #PokemonGo

Pokemon Go has been available less than a week and it's already started torturing dogs across the country. We have a feeling this is only the beginning. Things might get messy!

Pokemon Go has been available for less than a week and it went viral immediately. What do dogs have to do with a viral video game, you might be asking yourself? Well, initially this probably equaled more frequent and longer walks. Pokemon Go is accessed through your phone and augments reality using GPS tracking and your phone’s camera. You are literally out in the world searching for Pokemon to catch and train while trying to collect other items before going to battle.

But from the looks of all the pictures circulating on the interwebs, dogs may not be the biggest fans of these little critters invading their space.

Check out some of the hilarious ways our furry friends have been responding. Things are heating up!

1. Look at this chubby little buddy funny thing I found!

minilabradoodle making new pokemongo friend

2. Halp, Ma! The garden is alive!

Boxer pit scared of pokemongo

3. What are you, why are you so happy and, why are you on my turf?

Mutt face off with pokemongo

4. Is that thing still there?!

cute dog being being stalked by pokemongo

5. *Utterly confused*

Stand off with pokemongo

6. Just make it go away.

bulldog unimpressed by new pokemongo friend

7. Dead cartoon fish in the middle of the road…hmmm…that’s new!

Dog worried he killed his pokemongo pal

8. They’re everywhere! I don’t understand!

dog doesn't care about Paras and the Pidgey on his back but that Eevee had his attention

9. Maybe if I’m very, very still it will fly away?

Pokemongo Eevee sitting on dogs head

10. Stop following me!

Spitz dog wondering what is this pokemongo thing

11. Please – just get it out of here!

Jack Russell wants nothing to do with pokemongo

12. Why is this thing on my head? And, when are you going to start throwing my freaking ball again?

pokemongo loves sitting on dog's heads

13. Seriously, mum! Can you make it stop?!

mom saves dog from pokemongo growlithe

14. Think it’s time to move, Pa. There are some weird looking dogs in the neighborhood.

rescue dog scared of pokemongo

15. You wanna have some words, Bird? ‘Cause I’m not afraid to tell you what’s up.

chihuahua terrier hunting down pokemongo

16. New chew toy?

Dog doesn't understand pokemongo battle

17. This Paras looks delicious!

Sighthound thinking about eating pokemongo Paras

18. Dad, unleash me – now!

greyhound faces off with pokemongokitty

19. Whatever you are, I will take you down!

Shiba Inu facing off with scary huge Ratticate pokemongo

20. “Humonsters”… now I know why the other dogs call them that. This must be their doing.

bully breed unimpressed with bulbasaur on his head


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